Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



TIRED OF LOUD commercials? Call the FCC. See if you can get them to do anything. When the government is involved, lots of luck.


I CALLED THE FCC number you ran in your paper to make a complaint about the loud commercials. They said there was a loud-commercial law. They said to make a complaint you have to get a form, list the TV station and channel, the time it ran, the name of the commercial and the name of the show. It’s a lot of red tape.


A WOMAN IN church is always coughing and coughing. When she gets a coughing spell like that she should go out of the church and not interrupt the services. She can also spread germs.


I DON’T LIKE this Obamacare. We should not be forced to buy their insurance, and the Supreme Court needs to mind its own business.


IT’S A SHAME that the people of Augusta don’t have anyone to vote for in the upcoming election.


KIDS ARE NOT expelled for shooting spitballs. It is for drugs, weapons, assault on a teacher or other students; also for repeated infractions. How many times have these students been on alternative schools? They don’t care. I for one do not want my tax dollars to pay for a bus. We already paid for a bus to take them to school and it did no good.


RAVE TO THE Chronicle for publishing a TV Weekly. I’d like it even better to get it each week rather than just when sporting events are on.


MINIMUM WAGE HAS always been an entry level rate of pay. If a person does a good job, is on time, doesn’t call in, has a good attitude, gets more experience or education in the tasks of the job, becomes more valuable to an employer, raises in pay and benefits are the reward. If a person does not want to work for minimum wage, he should get more education in a career path that will pay him more than minimum. People should grow up and take some responsibility for making improvements in their own lives.


AFTER READING THE March 16 City Ink, I tried to digest what I was reading, but if Sylvia Cooper was quoting what she actually heard from the four of the five announced mayoral hopefuls, Augusta, we have a problem. State Sen. Hardie Davis, absent because of the Legislature being in session, may be our only hope. I have met him … he is educated and can string a few sentences together that make sense.