Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



IN THE WAKE OF the ice storm, we were excited to see the city sending a crew to pick up the debris from the yards in the National Hills area. However, after an entire day with our street being blocked, very little work seemed to have been accomplished. Doing things partially and poorly seems par for the course for our local government.


I’M AN ACTIVE duty, previously deployed vet. Your article on the vets sleeping under bridges after being in and out of rehab really irked me. Many were just in the service without seeing or doing anything “traumatic.” How about they show some personal responsibility and motivation and stop asking the government to take care of them?


JUST CAME FROM the Italian eatery on Washington Road. The table crowd next to me was rude, crude with bad English. Advised the server she was slow and they were in a hurry. But you guessed it! After asking for the freebie extras for their carry-out they said they could wait for that.


HARDY POINT HOA hired a local law firm to manage the association, but what they forgot to tell the law firm is that Hardy Point 111, phase 2 is not a part of the HOA. How can attorneys send letter threatening homeowners when they are not included in the HOA? How is this legal?


THIS IS A HUGE RAVE to citizen activist Daniel Martin, Chief Jesse Hornsby, and Mayor Brent Weir. When the ice storm hit our little town of Blythe, I saw these guys out there in freezing temperatures cleaning and cutting debris out of the road.


I GUESS WITH the military draw-down, the Obama administration is doing to America what it did to the embassy in Libya: Reducing the defenses, ignoring the dangers and fixing America so there can’t be a respond to a crisis!


WHY DO THE administrators at Glenn Hills High School make announcements almost every period reminding teachers to mark tardy students tardy? Anyone with one day’s experience in a school knows tardy students are tardy. Let your teachers teach. Let your students learn.


I SAW A WOMAN at the mall today that was so fat she could not sit down in a chair. That gave me an idea. They should make all chairs smaller so as to MAKE people lose weight if they want to sit.