Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A BIG RAVE TO the carrier who delivers to neighborhoods off Hereford Farm Road. Despite the ice storm, my paper was delivered at the usual time. Great job!


I READ ABOUT ALL the lines for restaurants that were open during the ice storm power outage. This must have happened at restaurants on or near Washington Road. Instead, I went to restaurants downtown, and they were not mobbed. People should think about downtown more often! All was calm and friendly when I was there - and the food was good.


THE BLUE-GREEN “paint” on the grass at the country club isn’t paint. It’s a spray on lawn care treatment that includes fertilizer. And rain will wash it off the sidewalks with time.


THE NEXT TIME you go to the polls remember this: Isakson and Chambliss were 2 of only 13 Republican that voted to cut military pension benefits along side the 54 Democrats.


IT IS NOT THE loud music that bothers me. But the foul-mouthed lyrics are very offensive. And by the way I thought the “n” word was supposed to be a racial slur, and yet I heard that word blaring repeatedly on your loud stereo at the gas station.


MANY, MANY RAVES to the volunteers from Rubicon that helped me get the big limbs gathered up from my yard and to the street for pick up. Many thanks y’all. I am full of gratitude and feel very blessed right now!


I’M GLAD IT’S noted as a LOAN and not a giveaway if they are going to do $8 million or so. They already “gave” away the land that was Gilbert Manor. I’m sure there were other giveaways as well. So the city needs to tighten that belt and be more financially sound. This business of borrowing based on the future is ridiculous!


RANT TO THE Augusta VA Hospital Uptown for giving employees AWOL who could not report to duty during the ice storm.


YES, THE ICE storm was devastating but how many people said, “it looks like a war zone.” We are so blessed that it actually did not, and may we be thankful that for most of us, things will improve, unlike those who truly are living or working in a real war zone.


THE WORD OF the Lord also says you should not tempt the hand of God. Those snake handlers are just boasting and tempting the hand of God.