Rants & Raves

A long-time commenter sent in this shot of a harvested cotton field near Gibson GA - where cotton is still king. We're starting to run low on these photos. If you want to see your photo here, send me an email. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com. Have a good day everybody. - Sean

Comments from readers:



WHY WOULD THE Rich­mond Board of Edu­ca­tion come up with the idea of putting sixth- and 12th-graders together? Aren’t we setting up our children for failure? The law has damaged a lot of young men’s lives because of making bad decisions concerning their sexual behavior and are now on the sex offenders list. Why would you put 12-year-olds with 17- and possibly 18- and 19-year-olds in the same building? Somebody has bumped their heads.


IS NATHAN DEAL trying to make brownie points with blacks by taking blame for something Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was responsible for but failed to do?


THE CHRONICLE GETS most right, but to support any “T-SPLOST” is wrong. That’s just another government ploy to get suckers to vote more taxes on themselves.


THIS IS A RAVE for Tiffany, who works in the floral department at Kroger on Wrightsboro Road. She is so polite, knowledgeable and always willing to give great advice on plant care.


MARION WILLIAMS’ quote: “They’ve done stepped into the big league, and for whoever did it there ought to be some consequences:” It appears that Commissioner Williams not only has delusions of grandeur, but also suffers from delusions of adequacy.


I AM NOT A regular, but can Sean Moores or someone please tell us what ColdBeerBoiled
Peanuts menus mean? Does he work at a food joint? But I do like the photos that are now being posted with the Whines or Raves. I say a rave for the photos!


WHAT A BORING Super Bowl that had been hyped for weeks on end. For sure Seattle is not that good and Denver is not that bad. But one thing that can’t be displayed on a scoreboard is CLASS – if possible, Denver would have been miles ahead.


OBAMA GOT HIMSELF put on TV talking to a national “prayer” breakfast. Isn’t it odd that he would talk for several minutes at a “prayer breakfast” but offer no prayer in all that time?