Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THE RICHMOND COUNTY school system needs to close as many schools as necessary so that employees will not have furlough days. The school system has balanced its budget for the past several years on the backs of the employees.


I WONDER HOW much it cost to take the “A” out and then put it back in the old Medical College of Georgia’s signs, letterheads, etc. And who will have to pay for it?


RANT CONCERNING the police officer who admitted buying and using drugs while on duty and in the patrol car. Yes, he lost his job but no criminal charges will be filed. They boast of the felony arrests he has made. Did he not commit a felony, too? If it was me, an ordinary citizen, it would not matter if we admitted it or not we are guilty if they say we are. If it’s good for the ordinary citizen, then the officer of the year should be charged, also.


AUGUSTA TECHNICAL College is a great place to further your education. The only thing is, it has too many old instructors who need to be retired but instead they choose to come and just sit and draw a paycheck. All they do is sit and don’t want you to ask for help. It is so sad! If you are tired and impatient, you need to go home and sit.


WHY DON’T WE be entirely fair and go through all of the Augusta Commission members’ hard drives and don’t stop there; let’s go through their personal lives, phone records, bank accounts, etc. Especially Marion Williams.


WHAT KIND OF preacher kicks his only child and three grandchildren out? Always too busy; always too late; always wanting money, money, money.


THE UNITED STATES government should be totally fair with Edward Snowden. He should be given two choices: to stay where he is and hope that some country will give him somewhere to live, or he could come back home and spend the rest of his life in prison. For whatever reason or good intentions, treason is still treason.


A RAVE FOR Sister Clara Benson, at pastoral care of Trinity Hospital. She has served the hospital for 44 years in nursing and pastoral care. She has been a blessing to the community and all she has some into contact with over the years. We all wish the best for her in her retirement and many thanks for all her dedicated services.


NINE OUT OF 10 of the clothes you buy were made in China, Korea or Mexico. Look at the labels before you buy this stuff.