Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


IT SEEMS TO me that Georgia Regents Univer­sity does not want to be associated with Augusta. There seems to be a lot of tweaking going on behind closed doors. People complain about it but continue to support the leadership. The university officials should be tweaked out of their job for lying to everyone who donated money for the changes. I say it’s time for another change, President Ricardo Azziz included.


THEY SAID IN The Chronicle that the schools are having problems getting grants, but in the picture every kid has a computer. Students don’t need computers. These students need to learn how to add and subtract. They can do without computers. They are just too lazy now.


IT’S NO WONDER the VA is having problems providing our veterans with first-class and timely care. They are just too busy with imposing their bureaucratic and ridiculous rules; e.g., the recent prohibiting of Christmas carols. It’s time for the VA to move on and concentrate on taking care of our sick and wounded veterans. The veterans deserve our undivided attention.


RICHMOND COUNTY was awarded $15 million of the total awarded to Georgia for the Race to the Top grant in 2010. This federal funding will run out this summer. I know the money has been spent on teacher training, but there seems to have been no noticeable improvement of academic achievement in our schools. Where (is) the responsibility and accountability for the $15 million spent?


TO THE WATER utility worker who was driving and getting out of the vehicle reading meters at every single house in Pepperidge subdivision this month: What a waste! The weather had warmed up and you still chose to waste taxpayers’ money and energy. Shame on you.


WOULD YOU BELIEVE that we have a U.S. post office on a U.S. military post that flies no American flag?


THIS IS A RANT FOR the Richmond County Health Department. Yesterday I carried my daughter there for shots, but the place was a zoo. Men hanging around blocking the entrance, smoking, kids running around everywhere, standing in chairs, and one woman still wearing her PJs and bedroom slippers at 3 in the afternoon and her mouth was worse than a sailor’s. We were terrified. We did not feel safe
at all. Thank God for security coming up front in the lobby. No doubt new staffers must be in charge. I’ll never return.