Rants & Raves

SO BILL FENNOY does not think that someone’s personal business, which sold ads to companies Charles Walker dealt with politically, was wrong at all? Fennoy thinks it’s also OK for Walker to have overcharged companies like McDonald’s and Big Lots when he only published about 3,000 papers/week average? It was OK to have stolen monies from the CSRA Classic charity? And let rich kids gain scholarships over real poor children?



BRING CRACK TO school and you should be called to the principal’s office, but not sent to jail? This coming from our “president” and attorney general! God help us all.


I DIDN’T WATCH Duck Dynasty very much, but now that I see the show actually focuses on family, faith and teaching kids about the important things in life, I am now a huge fan! Phil Robertson for president! Can’t wait to get some T-shirts made!


OH GREAT, SO NOW people pick fights over what is posted instantaneously over Facebook. I say get out of all social media and get back to using postcards and letters. People will then have a “cooling off” period and maybe pull back from nasty comments they would be embarrassed to have their parents read about. Or law enforcement.


IS IT MY IMAGINATION, or are there more people with mental issues than normal? I have complete strangers who think it’s OK to ask specific, personal questions and tell me I am rude for not trusting them with data for fear they will commit an identity theft or fraud. That’s my way of telling you I won’t tell you personal data for criminal use. Don’t ask.


I DID NOT REALIZE that you could buy “likes” for your posted items on Facebook and other social media. What I was shocked about this practice is that our government is also buying “likes.” In 2013, the State Department, which had 400,000 “likes,” spent $630,000 to boost their numbers. In one case, its fan tally rose from 10,000 to 2.5 million! Shame on you for spending our tax dollars like this.


PASTOR JIM GOODROE of Spartanburg says that we should start treating illegal immigrants as people. I totally agree. The first thing is that when people break our laws they need to pay the consequences. It’s pretty obvious that we need to go after those that break the law. Amen!