Rants & Raves

Hello commenters, I'm back from vacation and almost caught up, so I though I'd start posting your submitted photos again. This one is from our friend Jake. He says in his email: "This is a photo I took at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris while on vacation with my family." I only have a few more to post, so send me a photo if you'd like to see it on the R&Rs. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com It can be pets or grand kids or old photos of yourself or almost anything that you're interested in. Thanks and have a good day. - Sean

Comments from readers:



SHERIFF ROUNDTREE wanted a new tax to pay for security along River­walk -- standard political procedure nowadays, a new tax. The only solution to safety in that area is to find the right cop (maybe three, 8-hour shifts) and put him on patrol alone. The right cop will soon have the bad guys scared silly. Such fearless cops do exist – at least they once did.


POLLS ALREADY say Hillary Clinton and Gov. Chris Christie lead the party packs for the next presidential elections. If those are the best the pols have to offer, freedom is doomed.


THE FACULTY AND staff of Barton Chapel Ele­men­tary would like to thank Sgt. Evans and his staff for their contributions of all the food, toys and clothes that were purchased for our children at Barton Chapel Elementary! Dr. Alpo-Sauni and her staff is forever thankful to you all!


IN ORDER TO BUILD a stadium home for another city’s team, North Augusta’s city council has held “executive” (closed-door) discussions, proposed a legally questionable financing scheme and dismissed its citizens’ legitimate concerns and objections only to then threaten countersuit of citizens who, in their frustrated desire to be heard, have filed suit against the city. In light of the council’s governmental heavy-handedness, is it any wonder there are questions of exactly who will benefit from this proposed stadium and how?


THE NEXT PERSON that should be shown the door in Richmond Coun­ty is whoever is responsible for the traffic lights. No reason why the light should turn red when there is no one in the cross streets (Reynolds Ave., Riverwatch at Claus­sen among many others). Pitiful!