Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $58,357.81


 Anonymous $50

In memory of April Renee Nichols from Dad, Mom, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayton and Swayer $50

In memory of Edwin Tinkle and Mickey Brunson $100

Jeanette and Jesse Cummings $100

Larry and Karen Stein $25

Anonymous $50

Frances Bagley $25

In memory of Shirley Clark $100

In memory of James and Ann Blanchard from Becky Miller $50

In memory of Jane Stallworth Stillwell $50

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $100

In memory of Chip Metts $50

Neita and Doyle Buck $25

Rebecca Skinner $25

In honor of our grandchildren Gage and Zoe $25

Anonymous $25

Elizabeth Lavender $25

In memory of Pa and in honor of Olivia and
Anderson $250

Keenan and Lisa Templeton $20

Barry and Sherri Fuller $50

Helen and Arthur Brown $25

Lenora Bacon $10

Staci and Ed Deketeleare $25

Alpha and Omega Farm $25

Anonymous $50

Virginia Drake $25

Charles and Joeann Williams $20

Henry and Annie Williams $25

In honor of All Veterans $1,000

Thaddeus McKinnie $10

In memory of Monby and Else $100

Holloway Family $25

In honor of my grandchildren: Parker, Claudia and Leila Eastmead $60

In memory of Katherine Norvell Marks $200

In loving memory of my husband, Dewell Rushing, by Ginny Rushing $50

Faith Discussion Sunday School Class $200

In loving memory of our son Kevin Stamper from Bob and Peggy Stamper $25

In memory of Sou. RR Augusta Special #32 $32

Harry and Carolyn Elam $50

In memory of David Scharff, Ruth Scharff and Annabelle Holman $200

Slick McNeil $100

In memory of Daisy McDonald $500

In loving memory of Dr. Herbert S. Harper $300

Gene and Laura Rollins $100

 *In loving memory Christa and Jerry Stevenson from their children $20

Total today $4,352

Total this year $62,709.81

 *Reported previously in error