Rants & Raves

Sorry. I'm a little late this morning.Today's photo is of itsanotherday1's Italian Greyhounds. Very cute. My Jack Russell Terrier was sick all night. I've had to wash five loads of sheets and it wasn't nearly as cute. Maybe I'll post a pic of him soon. If you want a photo posted here, send me an email. For quality purposes, the larger the better. sean.moores@augustachronicle.com Have a good day everybody! - Sean

Comments from readers:



KUDOS TO Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts for getting it right. Some might say their Thanksgiving “Blue Laws” were outdated. My personal opinion, why let Big Box greed taint one of the very few American traditions we have left? We are a nation of very few holidays, of workers who tirelessly give of themselves for less and where family dinners are becoming too far and few in-between.


REP. HOWARD should know by now that he is in his last term and truly doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.


IT MAKES ONE wonder why certain elected officials choose to hide behind the black ministers who came out publicly to show their support. And by the way, everybody knows who you are.


RANT FOR Lowell Greenbaum. Let me give you a document that involves your health care, investments, taxes, retirement, salary and the well-being of your entire family for the rest of your life and see if you sign it without even reading it. That’s what your wonderful Democratic buddies did.


YES THIS another RANT about the people whining about having to have a real ID card, with a picture, not just a utility bill, to vote. You have to produce a valid ID, Social Security card and birth certificate for each child if you want to receive a free toy from the James Brown Toy Giveaway. People had to produce a valid ID to receive a free turkey from the same organization. But when voting, one of the most important things American citizens do, people complain that they are being discriminated against when required to show a valid ID. What’s up with that?


COMMERCIALS HAVE really gotten bad, lately. Here’s what I do. When they start on TV I hit the mute button or switch channels. On the radio, I switch stations or put in a CD. YouTube has really gotten bad. Back to playing CDs. These companies are wasting time and money if they think I’m going to put up with their incessant ads.


IF YOU GET a phone call, and the person on the other end says they have been monitoring your computer and you about to crash and they need to install a program immediately to keep it from crashing. Scream, “SCAM, Call me back and I will report you”. Then hang up. Believe me .. IT IS A SCAM, and it will be a miracle if you ever get your money back.