Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RANT TO THE lowlife who stole my beige wrought-iron glider out of my backyard in the daylight hours while I was at home. You even took the time to remove and steal one of my patio chairs to lift it over my fence. Please do not buy this from this thief; it is stolen and has been reported to the sheriff’s office. Report this thief if approached.


THE EMBARRASSMENT to ASU came from President Ricardo Azziz’s office, not from the Save the A group.


KUDOS TO AJ, at AT&T, for superior customer service and resolving my bill problems.


THE GROUP WHO wants to ban smoking in bars tries to compare the ban on asbestos as being the same. There’s a big difference: Asbestos has been banned. Spend your time and money banning cigarettes … leave the private business owners alone. Also, you know when you choose to enter a bar that there might be cigarette smoking. You have a choice.


IT’S INTERESTING TO see that the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library has so many books destined for recycling. Surely there is one more step that could be tried before the books are actually recycled. Have the books placed in a convenient location so book buffs can browse through them and maybe some of those books could be still salvaged.


RAVE TO THE Chronicle for bringing attention to the litter problem. Rants to the marshal’s department for little enforcement. Call the department and ask for litter enforcement. You get a recording and no return phone call. We south Augusta residents are too far south of downtown. Commission, note: Do away with the marshal’s department. Give it to the sheriff’s office.


THOSE GINGERBREAD houses at the museum are so cute. I love all the details of the various buildings and even the Archibald Butt Memorial Bridge.


AFTER READING THE report about the amount of taxpayer money spent by the Augusta Commission, I can assure you that we did not even get 99 cents worth of positive results or information from either one of them. It’s past time we vote to get rid of every one of the current commissioners.


UNLIMITED DEBATE is deliberate obstruction. Good grief.


SOUTH AUGUSTA IS very grateful and appreciative for the new restaurants. We also need some 24/7s out here on Peach Orchard Road such as Huddle House or Denny’s or Waffle House.