Rants & Raves

I left Rambo in my chair while I went to the kitchen. As soon as I got in the kitchen, my husband called me to come look at Rambo. He was checking out my keyboard and monitor.

Comments from readers:



IT’S A NONSENSE comment about how loved ones of convicted people are hurting. The courts have hashed things all out over Scott Dean. It is better to aim your efforts to beg for a reduced sentence. Constantly bashing the girl who made the original comments and then turned around her comments is not going to help anyone.


WHY HAVE A DOG if you keep it chained up or never spend any time with it? It is so sad to see one chained up in 100-degree or 30-degree weather, rain, snow or shine. Yes, it is fed, but what kind of life does it live? Let someone adopt it that will give it a safe home and show it some love.


THE NEW FONTS in the paper are very hard to read. You need to go back to the way it was before.


MAYBE THE BOARD of Regents will realize that Dr. Ricardo Azziz does not always tell the truth. Maybe they’ll wake up.


SOMEONE NEEDS to give Dr. Azziz a course on How to Tell the Truth 101.


THANK GOODNESS they are finally realizing they need to cut down on food stamps. Food stamps would only be for the elderly and the disabled. Young mothers ought to be getting out and working instead of depending on the taxpayers to take care of their kids.


RANT TO A LOCAL company. How long are you going to let an employee work there who had threatened to shoot two workers on two occasions? Are you going to wait for this to happen?


IF YOU ARE TIRED of loud commercials on television and radio, call the FCC. Maybe if enough people call, we will get something done.


TO THE PERSON telling us to get off Food Stamps. I am 59 years old and just diagnosed with severe COPD. I can’t do the work I’ve always done now; I looked for work and am still looking. The EBT has been a godsend to us. Thank you so much for your Christian compassion.


IT WAS INTERESTING to read that there is more pill popping going on with Columbia County students than with Richmond County students. Mind you, the pill popping has not affected the Columbia County academic achievement level when compared to Richmond County. I wonder how Columbia County and Richmond County compare to the nation in pill popping and marijuana use?