Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


SYLVIA COOPER, THANK you for the humorous and entertaining clarifications of local news. We really enjoy your City Ink. Keep them coming.


OBAMACARE IS working best in states that aren’t trying to sabotage it. Healthcare.gov’s disastrous launch and Republican states refusing to launch their own exchanges. While the right is thrilled they’ve assisted in this catastrophe, it was the ancillary result of another sabotage strategy that was either masterminded or enthusiastically.


LEAVE IT UP TO ultra-conservative Morris News to headline an article about an Athens man getting his private area bitten during a fight with his girlfriend and her father while sustaining many other injuries. What sick grab for journalism attention.


IF PROJECT JACKSON is such a great idea, then put it to a vote. Allow the residents of North Augusta decide for themselves, what they actually want. The city council and mayor seem to think it will do so much for the city; why not let those of us who will have our taxes raised have a say? Without a referendum, this is just someone’s back-room deal to fatten the wallets of the few involved being forced upon a helpless city.


THE AFFORDABLE CARE Act Web site did not work. Then they said it would be fully functional by Nov. 30. Then they changed that to ready for the majority of the people, and now they say it will be ready for 80 percent of the people. I am sorry, but you in the Obama administration must think we are a bunch of idiots.


IS OPRAH LOSING IT? Her latest statement regarding racism and the president in an interview with the BBC makes you wonder. Oprah, let’s move on and not resort to the race card when things are not going too well for the president.


THIS IS A RANT FOR the person who seems so happy about our troops coming home. Do you realize that President Obama has made a deal with Afghanistan government to keep our troops there for at least a decade? They will be only in a support mode. Do you realize how many of our troops have been killed or maimed while serving in a so-called support mode? You might do well to open your eyes and realize that, unfortunately, our president speaks from both sides of his mouth.


I’M APPALLED THEY keep praising Lincoln. He had German troops fighting the war. This is disgusting because our own people did not want to fire on Americans. The lie persists.