Rants & Raves

RANT TO THE LOWLIFE that stole my beige wrought iron glider out of my backyard in the daylight hours while I was at home. You even took the time to remove and steal one of my patio chairs to lift it over my fence. Please do not buy this from this scum bag, it is stolen and has been reported to the Sheriff’s dept. Do me and all the other honest people and report this thief if approached.



THE TALKS OVER Iran’s nuclear program broke down. Is anyone really surprised? We had John Kerry “negotiating” the American position!


IT’S PAST 21 YEARS since Georgia government started “pre-K” education for kids from birth to age 5, and it seems public schooling has gone down and not up. The more government intrudes on private lives – at any level – the worse those private lives get.


COMPARED TO THE downtown areas in other cities like Charleston, Savannah, Greenwood, Greenville, Columbia, Spartanburg ... Augusta does looks like a SLUM.


IT IS ONLY 6 MONTHS until the BIG WEEK. Isn’t it about time the Augusta Master Gulf Committee started directing the City departments to begin the annual AUGUSTA BEAUTIFICATION routine?