Rants & Raves

MY COMPLAINT ABOUT the Country Music Awards is that most of them are just not very country. Pop music has killed country music.



I AM GLAD that the authorities are looking at the facts again surrounding the death of the 17-year-old whose body was found rolled up in an upright mat in the school gym. It’s really a stretch to say that the boy fell into the rolled up mat and died there. It looks like homicide to me, with someone trying to hide the body in the mat. Let’s hope that all of the evidence is examined and the true cause of his death is discovered. My thoughts and prayers are with his parents, who are determined to find out the truth.


IT SEEMS THAT there is some hanky panky going on when it comes to removing an oak tree in the Forest Hills area. First it was because the tree “interferes with the development of public property,” and then the reason was changed to “tree is hazardous”; in other words, it contains decay, extensive deadwood or other structural problems. How quickly things change when there are commercial interests involved.


A BIG RANT to the people who constantly throw more and more work at our teachers. No matter how much bureaucratic mess you force the teachers to do, it will never change the students’ performance. The teachers bear the load that is dumped on them from the state, the principals and all the unnecessary consultants they bring in to find the perfect solution to making the students suddenly successful. The students or their parents aren’t held accountable for their study habits or grades.


INSTEAD OF GIVING away candy on Hallo­ween, I gave away treats I get in kid’s meals from McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-fil-A and so forth. I figure they get plenty of candy from other places, and that gives them something different. That is better than giving them letters like that woman from out of state did to give to their parents about obesity.


A BIG RAVE for all of the nonsmokers in this country. Now that all of us have quit smoking, you will be able to pay for your own roads, bridges and other infrastructure that us smokers have been paying for all by ourselves all this time. Welcome to the new tax. You can start paying, too.


PAY RAISES AFTER years are needed and should be a priority. It’s really unethical and immoral to hope people will be desperate enough to keep working and working without just compensation.