Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THE U.N. IS POKING its nose into our prisons. They now want free access to prisons in California, New York and Colorado. The U.N.’s special monitor on torture called for scrutiny of prisons that put inmates in solitary confinement. He also wants access to any prison he chooses and freedom to speak with inmates.


IT WAS THURSDAY night and I was coming home from a long trip. I changed to a local channel on the radio – 104.3 was playing Christmas music and we hadn’t even got through Halloween yet. Why be in such a hurry; the day after Thanksgiving is soon enough.


MEDICARE AND Social Security were paid for by the recipients. Many who paid for it never collected any payments. I paid into the system 43 years. Many welfare, food stamp and Medicaid recipients have paid nothing, it is free and too much is given. Why is this not included in the over obligated collapse of the U.S. government?


BLESS THE LITTLE town of Hephzibah. My family and I living here for generations like the area. But we expect quality when it comes to our small police force. We want to be represented well with our paid city staff. I have a few years on me, but what’s up with the black police trucks with the barely visible police markings? Why not sell some of the extra patrol cars and buy one with visible markings, city leaders?


RAVE TO Augusta Mall for holding the Spin Off on Saturday. It was great to see so many people come out and support breast cancer awareness.


IT LOOKS LIKE TAX credits are going to be handed out freely to participants of the Affordable Care Act insurance program. Apparently, a single person can qualify with an income up to $45,960, and a family of four can qualify with am income up to $94,200. Unfortunately, it’s us taxpayers who will be footing the bill. The Affordable Care Act is not going to come cheap.


WHAT A GREAT IDEA of school board President Venus Cain to boost the confidence and self-esteem of students by publicly recognizing them for making major progress this school year. I hope that this program will continue, since it will have such a positive impact.


ALABAMA IS TAKING students’ seats away for not staying the whole game? Saban said it looks bad to recruits at the games. I see we truly don’t live in a free country anymore.