Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RANT to all the bad drivers of Augusta. I would list everything you are doing wrong, but the fact that you think merge means speed up and run people off the road and you don’t understand what a speed limit is leads me to believe you probably don’t read the newspaper anyway.



IN THIS POLITICALLY correct world of ours, people are not taking identity theft as seriously as they should. The government should aggressively pursue those people and prosecute them as if they had robbed thousands of banks. Lock them up for life.


HERE’S A POINT OF civility that should be exhibited more often: How about young people leaving front seats on the buses for the elderly and folks with disabilities? That is, go ahead and sit farther back, or at least get up and leave the foremost front seats upon arrival of an elderly person.


ONE WAY THE Color Run was not fun for folks were the owners and workers at restaurants where such dirty people insisted on sitting on the chairs or messing up the bathrooms. A woman at least somehow got colors smeared all over the toilet seat, the area below the toilet seat and all over the rim of the sink.


RANT CONCERNING THE decision of county officials to exclude the county pickup of tires. Most streets in my neighborhood have tires that have been on the curb since the new collection has started. Is there a plan or place that property owners can take tires for recycling?


THE SALVATION ARMY is now accepting applications for Christmas assistance; that is, Christmas gifts for children. Included in the documents that applicants have to supply is a photo ID. I wonder whether there will there be a big fuss made of the requirement of a photo ID in this situation? If a photo ID is required for handouts, why isn’t it a requirement to vote?


THE DEREK DOOLEY family is not as happy about their absence from University of Tennessee as the Volunteer faithful. We knew it was a mistake when he was hired – no winning record. All I can say about Derek Dooley is good riddance and the same goes for Lane Kiffin. I hope it’s a lesson well-learned.


FUTURE SECTION 8 housing being built under the disguise of luxury apartments is why Bass Pro Shops changed their minds. I am not a Ron Cross fan and have voted against him every time he has run for office. But he is dead right on the Bass Pro Shop deal. I agree with his actions and comments.