Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I LOVED THE centenarians story. Before I read that article, I didn’t want to live past 75. Seeing these lovely people makes me look forward to living to at least 100. Thanks again.


STAR WARS DAY will be held at library? What do science fiction movies have to do with books?


RANT TO THE BAND director and the Lakeside High School marching band for their rudeness during the football game against Westside. This was not battle of the bands, yet you insisted on playing while Westside’s band was playing. Where are your manners? Next time, please take turns playing so everyone can enjoy both bands.


MAYBE THE GOP will elect some ringleaders in 2014 to control the circus clowns in their party now; what a joke.


AS EXPECTED, BILL Clinton is back to his lying ways. This time, he’s lying about “Obamacare.” Sadly, the liberal news media continued their support of the lies. Fifty-three percent of Americans do not support Obamacare while 42 percent do. A full 26 percent of Americans strongly oppose it, and only 12 percent strongly support it. If the figures were reversed, this would be touted as overwhelming support. I miss the days when news outlets really reported the news.


PEOPLE COMPLAIN about the Augusta Commission members spending money on themselves, but nothing happens. Perhaps one of The Chronicle reporters should investigate the laws that allow this to happen. I can support paying a salary for the hours they spend in governing our city, but what allows them to give themselves pensions, health insurance, cars, gas, cellphones, trips, and who knows what else?


THE SOUTH’S OLDEST newspaper should know how to fold a newspaper.


REMEMBER THE GOOD old days? The Hilltop Drive-In and Sno-Cap were the hangouts. Would it be possible for the people of North Augusta to have a drive-in or walk-in theater?


RANT TO THOSE retail stores that are not friendly to the handicapped and scooters. Your aisles are so jammed up.


RANT FOR RICHMOND County garbage service. If we are all paying the same taxes, I want to know how the person on my street has four garbage cans and one recycle can. He said he doesn’t pay extra. Why can’t I get three more cans?