Rants & raves

WHY IS IT THAT all these people who come to our country want to be anything but American?



DOES MILEY CYRUS realize there is no going back? Does she always want to have a reputation? When I was her age, it was very important to be seen as a “nice” girl.


WHY DO WE care if our enemies are killing each other?


RICHMOND COUNTY sheriff, please take off rose-colored glasses. How are things better in Richmond County when there are still shootings, break-ins and gang members?


WHY DOESN‘T someone investigate if a state judge has family members involved in electronic monitoring devices?


THE ONLY THING Sheriff Roundtree wants from downtown is protection money.


THE IRONMAN competition is great for Augusta, but please stay out of South Carolina.


POT SMOKERS, for goodness sake just move to Colorado. It is legal there.


RAVE FOR JUDGE Jennings. Well someone finally did something about these places that breed mosquitoes. I hope it doesn’t stop there. I hope it goes to houses and lots that are all overgrown. At least this is a start.


I AM FED UP with trash pickup service. I am a senior citizen and I have to move my trash to my neighbor’s yard to get it picked up. I have called numerous times. I live at the end of the cul de sac. The guy will not get out of the truck to move my can so he can get to it. This morning after he left, there was trash all over the street and he just drove off and left it.


RAVE TO DAVID Murphy, who got to represent First Tee of Augusta in the Championship Tour in California at Pebble Beach. We are so proud of you. Keep it up.


RANT TO THE people who work at the Social Security place. Not all of them are bad, but so many of them are rude in Augusta. Maybe if they see this in the paper, they will try to do better.