Gogick: Celebrate the month with us

Days. Weeks. Months.


It seems that every cause, product or group of people has one.

Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate Freedom Week. Diabetes Awareness Month. The list goes on and on.

Some days get you free stuff or inspire you to send a card or flowers. The more serious ones draw awareness or raise money for a worthy cause or issue.

For example, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In addition to covering the many events this month, The Augusta Chronicle supports this cause. We support it by printing our Oct. 1 issue on pink newsprint.

We support it by funding the city to dye the downtown fountains pink.

We support it by profiling cancer survivors and their stories each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We support it with our comprehensive online events calendar (chronicle.augusta.com/wethinkpink).

And we support it with health reporter Tom Corwin’s stories about the people and the families affected and the latest medical breakthroughs.

Just one small way we are part of Augusta, but a big way to bring awareness.

October also has National Newspaper Week. It starts Sunday and runs through next Saturday.

A week dedicated to celebrating your newspaper’s role in your community and your life.

That is my cause. To continue to make this newspaper more about our community and your lives.

We had a brainstorming session about that at The Chronicle this week. Morris Communications media strategist Steve Gray led some members of our audience team through a thought-provoking exercise.

This session, and the recent reader roundtable, are ongoing efforts to capture input from readers and industry experts.

He led a critique of the newspaper through the lens of maximum impact on reader’s lives.

The results weren’t always pretty, and we identified several ways to improve. And in improving, we strive to deliver you a more meaningful experience every day.

As the evolution of The Chronicle continues, we are committed to having more stories that personally affect your lives – and finding ways to let you know about those immediately.

Some of the stories that scored well in Steve’s reader metric involved some of the changes we have unveiled this year:

The expanded Sunday features section and the new daily feature pages were given high marks; as did the advice-centered Business coverage and the Pardon Our Mess feature.

Here’s your chance to celebrate National Newspaper Week:

Take the time next week to be an advocate for your favorite news source.

Tell a friend what you like about the paper. Tell a colleague why you are a loyal reader. Tell a family member of the new features. Tell them all why reading a daily paper is worth your time.