Rants & Raves

A GIANT RAVE FOR the Richmond County landfill. I am doing a large home improvement project and have had to make several trips to the landfill. The entrance is well-maintained, the staff courteous and the areas where waste is disposed of are clean and the people working there are courteous and helpful.



THIS IS A RANT for the new garbage pickup. It’s Wednesday, and there my garbage cans are filled with maggots, roaches and flies. Even though I make sure all of the trash is tied up in plastic bags and continually spray the cans with insect repellent, the once-a-week pickup is horrible. This certainly does not make our environment cleaner, smarter and greener. I’m wondering if others are having these problems?


TO THE FAMILY who is looking for a full-time housekeeper: They don’t make those anymore. I am a professional housekeeper, but we are no slaves anymore in Augusta. You might have to do your work yourself.


DON’T WORRY ABOUT labeling downtown a slum. It has been a slum for the past 50 years.


THE TEXAS GUARD is refusing to process same-sex benefits. Good for Texas!


A SINCERE THANK you and very big rave to the westbound truck that flashed its lights to me and all eastbound traffic on Bobby Jones to let us know the police were hiding in the bushes waiting to give tickets.


I AM A SENIOR citizen from Richmond County who is very disgusted with the trash service being put on our taxes. I feel strongly that we should have had a vote on whether we wanted it on our taxes or not. If we could pay it monthly, it would be much easier for people on Social Security.


I WILL RAISE MY children to stand up for things they can change and to always run from what they are afraid of, especially if it has a gun and a badge and practices Nazi-type Gestapo authority. You raise your kids, I will raise mine.


U.S. REP. JOHN Barrow says, “You and your doctor know what’s best for you.” If he really believed that, he’d fight to end Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and all government interference into people’s private business. Since he never tries to end these government power grabs, he prefers government meddling.


THE WEAPONS OF mass destruction argument didn’t work so well. It’s time for the Obama crew to bring out that tried and true line: “It’s for the children.”