Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



ABSOLUTELY RIVETING column by Bill Kirby on 8/27. His ability to compile quotes from someone’s postcards and tell us where they’ve been is uncanny! Journalism at its highest level.


THE INCIDENT at McNair Learning Center in Decatur underscores the fact that teachers need to be able to protect their students with more than locked doors, tape dispensers and staplers. Georgia’s teachers and administrators need to be armed.


THE YELLOW overhead school lights on Baston Road for Augusta Christian are VERY hard to tell when they are on. Please consider changing them to red so they are more visible.


THANK YOU ALMA at Pre-admission Testing at University Hospital. Thank you for making a serious situation a bearable situation. Your smile and your work are very much appreciated.


MY WATER BILL has gone up $10 within two months and I have not been using any more water. I can’t get help from the company. Something is going on.


AUGUSTA LEADERSHIP has finally shown its hand for being racist. As soon as possible I am putting my house up for sale and moving out of Augusta.


RANT AND SHAME ON you Rick McKee for your cartoon in Wednesday’s paper about South Carolina’s obesity problem. Have you looked around in Augusta? Look at the City Council. Please make your apologizes right now to the state of South Carolina for your sarcasm.


THIS IS A RAVE TO thank the man driving the
truck with the artificial male genitalia hanging from his trailer hitch, for the interesting conversation his choice of truck accessories prompted with my kids. Kids: “Mom what is that?” Me: “Prosthetics.” Kids: “Mom, what are Prosthetics?” Me: “When someone doesn’t have or loses a body part, they make them a fake one.” Kids: “But why are they on his truck?” Me: “I guess he wants everyone to know he finally got some.”


FREE MEALS AT SCHOOL; free haircuts, free school supplies, Obamaphones. Boy, people really are learning how to stand
on their own two feet. I can’t wait to see how they handle the real world when they grow up. Do you think they will be ready for the responsibility?


RAVE TO MR. DOLAN. I commend your integrity and honor. Very proud.