Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.


WHAT A RIPOFF of taxpayers! Why did Alvin Mason, Corey Johnson, Bill Lockett, Bill Fennoy and Marion Williams have to attend the four-day National Association of Counties conference in Forth Worth, Texas? Surely one commissioner would be sufficient to gather any information that could benefit Augusta. We need to transfer any remaining money for conferences to the police budget, where it can be put to good use to protect us downtown. Commissioners, stop wasting our money.


THE POPE SAYS HE must not judge homosexuals. Fine, but nowhere does the Bible teach to encourage, aid or abet sinners in their sinning.


A REPORT WAS MADE at Rollins Middle School about gang activity to the principal. It went unnoticed my kids were initiated unwillingly into this so-called gang, afraid to say no.


TO THE IDIOT WHO ran the four red lights at Windsor Spring and Richmond Hill roads. If I had not realized that you had no intention of stopping, you would have hit me. Did you not see the four red lights and the cars on each side of you stopped, or were you too busy on the phone? This is the very reason I always make sure that cars are going to stop before I pull out. We need the sheriff’s office to crack down on this intersection or install cameras to ticket the ones who run the lights.


THE UNION-ORGANIZED protests in New York and other places in the country regarding bumping the minimum wage to $15 are bound to go nowhere. I don’t see with the slim profit margins how McDonald’s, Burger King, etc., could survive under that minimum wage.


ANOTHER BIG RANT to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, for padding their pockets at the expense of those foolish enough to listen to their empty, divisive and hate-filled rhetoric. I have looked for a term that would accurately describe these bottom feeders, and a recent Chronicle editorial nailed it, calling them “race hustlers.” I understand that many citizens follow them, but only because of the scarcity of positive role models. These men had an opportunity to help mend America’s race relations. Instead, they chose to fill their pockets and look out for themselves, at the expense of all who want a better country.


A RANT TO THE Richmond County Corrections Department. A man and wife work in the same facility. Their son was hired and is now being supported on workers’ comp. Anyone else find this odd?