Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WHAT IS JUDGE Blanchard thinking? Adrian Hargrove is a convicted child abuser and this won’t be allowed as information at his trial for murdering four people?! But two girls from Scott Dean’s past are allowed to testify against him for something they say happened 25 years ago at a slumber party. What is our justice system coming to?


MANY OF OUR so-called “bums” are actually fellow citizens who have some form of mental illness. Offering support to them through our state psychiatric hospital and its employees who are serving more and more of your friends and family members each day is a great way to improve our community.


A RANT TO THOSE seeking to overturn Stand Your Ground laws because of Zimmerman. More blacks have used Stand Your Ground as a defense in Florida than whites, and used it more successfully. This is a law that has helped blacks defend themselves!


YOU WANT SPECIFICS as to justice for Trayvon: Zimmerman should have been charged with stalking, harassment, illegal attempt at policing that had nothing to really do with neighborhood watch, disregarding police instruction and willfully creating the situation where HE caused Trayvon’s death. His word alone should NEVER have been taken for 40 plus days before the police investigated.


WASN’T IT FLORIDA and Alabama who went to the courts to demand more water from Georgia? Well, now’s the time to give it to them from the extra swollen lakes and dams. Give NOW!


THE GANGSTA/THUG look so carefully cultivated by some in our society is designed to cause fear. They want to be feared; it is part of the whole persona. It works. I am afraid. I am afraid for my wife and unborn child and for my house and the things I have worked so hard to earn. Change how you behave and we’ll have far fewer Trayvons.


TO THE PERSON who stole my canned vegetables off my front porch, you could’ve at least knocked on the door and asked if you could have them if you were hungry. I hope you get sick from eating them.


I DO NOT LIVE ON Shoreline Drive or in Hammond Ferry in North Augusta but I am not at all in favor of the baseball stadium and parking deck proposed by Project Jackson. I think there will be negative environmental consequences and I think the beauty of the area will be destroyed.