Rants & Raves

FORT GORDON IS yet another example of lack of confidence that the public has in government. All the politicians and all the men could not put Humpty back together again.



IF PRESIDENT OBAMA, his minions and Congress would take unpaid furloughs, we could solve lots of economic problems.


IF YOU WANT TO know what’s wrong with our economy, just look at what we are doing to the companies that make things. GIW fined by Georgia for what is essentially a paperwork issue. First Olin, then International Paper, in the future GIW. Manufacturing is on the decline because of the intolerance of people in their own state. We need good-paying jobs with good benefits. We can’t survive by selling hamburgers to each other on every corner. No offense, McDonald’s.


I HATE TO THINK the protection our country is getting when they can’t even get the traffic flowing. There had to be a way to circumvent that furlough program and keep the gates open and running smoothly.


SHERIFF ROUNDTREE wants to fix downtown safety by: 1. Raising taxes, and 2. Giving cops “probable cause” to question people walking in a public space at night. Is that a slippery slope to tyranny? Big Brother is not just at work in D.C.; he’s also alive and well in Augusta.


RAVES TO A WONDERFUL professor, Dr. Duignan, a professor of English at GRU. She deserves every award they have to offer. She is a fine teacher. My son has learned so much from her.


I DON’T THINK THE Augusta area should ship the bums away. They have enough unpopulated houses where they could fix the houses up, give them a place to stay and let them find a job cutting grass or helping to rebuild homes. Please don’t send them to another area. Try to help them.


HATS OFF TO the groundsmen for Morningside Baptist Church. They do a superb job of keeping God’s grounds beautiful. I get joy every day driving by looking at the flowers.


RANT FOR THE planners of unpaid days off at Fort Gordon. Why were so many people off on the same day so as to disrupt operations? They could have been staggered among the employees. By the way, what ever happened to uniformed military police?