Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A BIG RAVE TO the couple who drove by my house in Jones Creek and let me know that my pine straw was on fire, rang my door bell and called 911. I didn’t get your names but thank you, thank you, thank you.


HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED THAT even though the speed limit on I-520 drops 5 mph coming into Augusta from SC, cars speed up instead of slowing down? When is the new sheriff going to get his deputies on the stick and start enforcing traffic laws here? And when is Augusta going to start using the traffic cams to enforce laws?


A HUGE RANT TO drivers who tailgate. When you are traveling on a four-lane road there is no “fast lane.” There is a right and a left lane which the posted speed limit applies to both lanes. By the way, the posted speed limit on Riverwatch under the I-20 overpass is 35 mph.


I WITNESSED A KIND ACT by a North Augusta policeman on Five Notch Road. He stopped traffic in both lanes to allow two handicapped senior citizens cross the road on their motorized wheel chairs. There is still law enforcement that understands what protect and serve truly means. Kudos to you, young man.


SO, ALEC BALDWIN makes unacceptable comments towards homosexuals. Will he receive the same sort of public demonizing like Paula Deen did? I doubt it.


PRESIDENT OBAMA proposed voter IDs for people in a country in Africa. If it is OK in Africa why isn’t it OK in America?


REGARDING THE Augusta Gay Pride parade, etc. Coming out of the closet does not mean one has to go on stage. Leave me alone!!


JUST A SUGGESTION TO The Chronicle. Cut all the religious items. Use the savings of deleting “Your Faith” weekly sections and go back to the really well put together high school, college and NFL football sections at the beginning of football season that ran years ago.


RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education is always having cuts due to the budget. School buses pick up students for summer school. There are only a couple of students on the bus, teachers for these students and lunchroom staff ­– all of this costing tax payers money. Why don’t the parents of these students that go to summer school have to pay and provide transportation for their children?