Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



AUGUSTA, WE SHOULD be sighing and crying for the abomination of a gay parade in our city. I can think of no legitimate reason for the GRU bus to be at the gay parade. GRU needs to stay totally neutral on making political statements.


JIMMY CARTER REALLY likes Obama. He says maybe with the way things are now, they will get off my back.


I AM SO ANGRY. I think the way Paula Deen is being treated is terrible. She did something wrong; she said she was sorry; she asked for forgiveness. That ought to be the end of it. The way everyone is treating her is awful.


HOW LONG do those living in the Glenn Hills area have to put up with this drum banging from Glenn Hills school? I live over two blocks away and I feel sorry for those who live closer. What happened to that noise law that said that noise isn’t supposed to be heard more than 100 feet away?


I THINK $19 AN HOUR for a crossing guard does sound like a lot, but crossing guards work less than 10 hours a week. For the year that is like $5,000. Do you live off $5,000?


THANK YOU FOR THE wonderful editorial about the media. My husband and I feel the same way. The media is disgusting. We don’t watch the news any more.


RANT FOR Aiken County Sheriff’s Department. Don’t you have crimes to solve instead of harassing pedestrians who are walking to improve their health?


SOMEONE NEEDS to tell the chief of police in North Augusta to have a talk with the people working under him. My husband and I have noticed that the police in North Augusta do NOT use their turn signals.


RANT TO THE Board of Education for the NINE furlough days for teachers! All workers should receive the same percentage cut not the same number of days. Administrators and central office workers’ contracts are much longer, so nine days of lost work is a much smaller percentage of their salary than what the teachers experience. A teacher’s cut is almost twice as large as that of an administrator. Only when administrators and others start feeling the “same pain” will things start to change. Equal sacrifice for all! That would be real leadership.