Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



HOW MUCH LONGER is Augusta going to have to put up with this embarrassment that is Azziz?


IN A NEW STUDY, the AMA says to rub baby gums with a cold washcloth to ease teething pain. How much for that study when my granny told me about it eons ago?


COULD WE SECEDE from Augusta? Consolidation is not working. My taxes went up again and hence my mortgage payment. Will it end?


POWER WITHOUT integrity breeds corruption. When will it all come tumbling down in Augusta?


HE’S BEEN IN THIS country for 26 years. He just won $338 million in the lottery. He still cannot speak English. If I had been in a country for 26 years, I would at least learn to speak the language.


IT LOOKS LIKE Azziz got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.


I NOTICE THAT Azziz is going to repay GRU for using the bus for his private reasons. When is he going to repay the $45,000 for a survey whose results he didn’t adhere to?


I SURE will miss Wife Saver being on Belair Road. They have the best honey mustard in town.


RANT FOR DR. AZZIZ. His latest debacle with the bus and use of officers for his niece’s wedding is unacceptable. He needs to be held accountable, and it is not a matter of just reimbursing. He needs to be disciplined.


FREE SPEECH AND common sense are no more. They have been put to death by political correctness.


DOES RICHARD Round­tree pay for his chauffeur and bodyguard out of his pocket, or does the state pay them?


THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, the world’s largest newsgathering outlet, has announced it is banishing the word “illegal immigrant” from its news reporting. So what do we now call those illegal immigrants who are here illegally in our country?


IT IS INTERESTING that all my liberal friends and family say “that lifestyle does not bother me.” That is why we are in the state we are in right now. You don’t think these things affect you, but they do. … Your kids grow up not knowing what is right or wrong. It does affect you, and it is going to get worse.