Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



DOES YOUR NEIGHBOR drive a maroon SUV, its back window full of stickers, and he is doing a renovation on his or another home? Please give him a map to the city landfill along with a few $ as he is the cheapskate who has been illegally dumping trailers full of junk at the old VA grounds in Forest Hills. I went there to do a trash cleanup for Earth Day when I caught him red-handed. Now the stuff’s too heavy to clean up.


RICARDO, YOU CERTAINLY know how to attract people to your incredible personality! And, only $416 for your little “perks!” If only we peons could find such a deal! When will the regents wake up and admit their mistake?


HARD TO BELIEVE THAT with all the news about obesity and overweight children in our country that students are only required to take P.E. one semester out of four years of high school. Columbia County Board of Education, can you change this?


REPUBLICANS AREN’T the ones taking money from your Social Security or Medicare. It’s Obama; no one else. He needs it to continue foreign aid.


THERE IS TOO MUCH corruption in the Section 8 Housing Authority. Whom does one complain to?


COUNTY WORKERS won’t clear standing water, and they won’t spray for mosquitoes. When the plague starts, please don’t be standing around scratching your heads wondering what happened.


THERE IS CORRUPTION at the Augusta Housing Au­thority.


DO SOMETHING THAT will make yourself feel better, even if it is wrong. Better hurry; times a wastin’.


SHOULD GROWN PEOPLE care what Ryan Lochte does?


PEOPLE WITH 350 stolen credit and debit cards in their car should not drive 100 mph on the interstate.


ALL WILL BE RIGHT with the world when Joffrey gets his just rewards.


WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE on the courthouse steps for that baby in Bruns­wick?


MY HUSBAND IS A CONTRACTOR. You wouldn’t believe the problems he has had with the procurement department.


OUR GROUNDHOG WAS right. That yankee groundhog was all wrong. Just goes to show you.