Rants & Raves

I JUST GOT STOPPED (again) for a long line of motorcycles escorted by police with blue lights flashing – this time on River Watch Parkway. OK, I get it: doing good things for people. But these look-at-me displays are annoying and inconvenient for everyone else. It can be done elsewhere without all the hoopla and accomplish the same results. Thanks.


RANT TO THE Rich­mond County motorcycle deputy that screamed, smart-mouthed and threatened to issue me an $85 traffic ticket on the Friday of the Masters. I am 64 and have been a patron since 1968. I pulled on the shoulder of Heath Drive at Stanley for about 15 seconds to allow my wife, who was standing in a private yard, to get into our car. There was no traffic in front of me or behind me. In all my years of attending, I have never seen such a unprofessional display.

RANT TO THE WOMAN in the white van at the Evans library Thursday who allowed her young son to run alongside her moving vehicle all the way up to Belair Road while eating a snow cone. I can’t believe that you couldn’t just take a minute to let him eat rather than risk an accident to keep him from dripping in your vehicle, but I’m not surprised these days.

THE POLICE AND the military do not carry assault-style rifles. They actually carry assault rifles. The talking heads don’t know the difference. The talking heads are content to be the mindless mouth pieces of those who want to infringe our Second Amendment rights.

SUCH HORRIFIC recent crimes, such as shooting a toddler in the face and another where a woman was dragged behind a truck led me to believe we should bring back public flogging again. I would be first in line with my whip.

WHAT A TRAGEDY. Seven pit bulls ravaged a 21-month-old while three adults in the house were unaware of what was happening. Shame on the mother for allowing her baby to wander into such danger. When are people going to realize the dangers and responsibility of owning pit bulls?

OUR GOVERNMENT keeps letting nut jobs into our country and what we get is the Boston bombing, Virginia Tech shooting and the mall shooting in Oregon. We have enough violence from our own citizens. Time to roll up the welcome mat.

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