Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



CAN THE CITY PLEASE replace the moldy sound barrier wall when getting off Bobby Jones Expressway, Exit 7, Peach Orchard/Windsor Spring? It looks awful, and people in south Augusta pay taxes and we demand better.


TO THE RANTER WITH the insects: Please do report the situation to the health department so you and your surrounding area can be helped out. We do need to know what kind of bugs these are that would surround you so badly.


PLEASE THOROUGHLY check out the dealer who Richard Roundtree is buying the cars from. Call out the price on it and see if any local dealer really could match the price of it. Is the winning” dealer from out of town, any relative or longtime connection to Roundtree or any of the new higher-ups installed by Roundtree?


I DO NOT BELIEVE THE Richmond County Board of Education ever protects children. Dr. Frank Roberson never should have been hired in the first place. He makes too much money for doing nothing. Where are the cameras at the schools and security? This should be at all schools. This teacher Francine Wynn should be fired on the spot. She shouldn’t be allowed to finish out the year. I agree with the mother: If she had abused her kid (she) should would be in jail. I do not have any faith in the school board at all.


IT ISN’T TOO difficult to figure out why the multiple births of teen mothers in Georgia. Each new birth brings in more welfare and child payments for the nonworking mothers, some of whom, I might say, could not care less about the well-being of that child. It costs us more money to support them all!


MY WIFE AND I eat out a lot and pay for meals for military personnel and they are very appreciative. Recently in a buffet we paid for three meals, one for the Richmond County deputy sheriff in line behind us. When I told the cashier and the young deputy that the third meal was for him, you would have thought we committed a crime. Even though the deputy had to pass by our table several times for food he never once looked in our direction, much less a polite thank you.


THE ATLANTA CHEATING scandal is a trickle-down of Bush’s failed No Child Left Behind. Your editorial seemed to miss how big government causes these things. Could it be that it was a Republican thing?