Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WITH MANY THANKS and appreciation to the gentleman who paid for our drinks at the Circle K on Wheeler Road. Thank you and God bless you. Your act of kindness has been paid forward.


BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, somebody in Washington had best realize that we cannot continuously print money and not have disastrous results. Serious inflation is coming; it has already started.


TO THE LIQUOR STORE on Boy Scout Road with the sign touting, “We look down on low-cut blouses,” you’re not as funny as you think you are.


“TOO MUCH LEAD CAN ... mean a lower IQ ... can harm a ... brain ... can reduce intelligence, impair ... behavior...” Often, lead poisoning can develop “in old houses...” How old is the White House?


YOU WRITE OF North Korea’s dictator having “lived his entire life in a house of delusion.” That seems to be a pretty good description of Obama.


THE REPUBLICANS are lying again if they claim they can balance a budget in 10 years. They could cowboy us into more wars to make their millionaires richer, like Bush managed to. Then they can spiral our economy down for years like Bush managed to.


LOCK YOUR CAR UP! Or if a responsible adult of the household really needs it, they need to sign a form agreeing to be responsible for keeping the unlicensed person from getting hold of any key to drive the car. Sign a contract to the city to the effect ... that they would be responsible for paying for any accident victim’s medical expenses, funeral costs, burial plots, etc.


GAY ACTIVITY IS not normal, and if the Supreme Court approves that type of marriage legal for tax purposes then I think I will try to get approval for adoption of my pets as dependents for tax purposes.


ALL PEOPLE WHO support and condone abortion will someday have to face God, too. And I don’t think the outcome will be favorable.


RANTS ABOUT ignorance and upside-down priorities. Front page Chronicle (April 4) top headlines read: Jag’s logo revealed; More women cohabitating; subsidies available ....” Then on the very bottom with small print, “US sends missiles to Guam.” People need to get real about priorities. We are being seriously threatened and nobody cares.