Rants & Raves

SHAME ON THOSE DOG OWNERS who did not pick up their dog poop. That’s required if you are going to go around the downtown area. Better not try that poop abandonment act around Augusta Common or First Saturday!



HOW WASTEFUL OF THOSE GRU higher-ups to buy up to $33,000 per desk type of furniture! Is this why they have such high student fees? That’s disgusting.


THE REPUBLICANS HAD BETTER not touch my Social Security or Medicare unless they refund every penny I’ve ever put in to those systems. That’s only fair. I have been saving quite conservatively on my own in my bank accounts, IRAs, etc. and can do so with *all* my monies. I’m not paying for Republican porks or perks or discounts to millionaire oil barons and businessmen.


YES, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH has had some horrible scandals and there is no excuse. However, the level to which the media has allowed the disgusting and disrespectful comments to continue at every level is really inexcusable, from the pope to the traditions. Even Pat Robertson and the Grahams make fun of Catholicism which is unacceptable.


NEXT ELECTION, VOTE out the entire Blythe City Council and especially the mayor. They haven’t done a single thing since they been in office. We still don’t have any sidewalks for our children to walk on, and no crossing guard at the elementary school.


I’M A BIT CONFUSED. It is OK for the federal and state governments to prohibit parents from marrying their children, to prohibit siblings from marrying each other, to prohibit close relatives from marrying each other, to prohibit polygamy, to prohibit people from marrying animals, and to prohibit people from marrying buildings Some woman wants to marry the Eiffel Tower. BUT it is not OK for the federal and state governments to prohibit same-sex marriages.


I WONDER IF THE First Lady will be attending the funeral of the murdered toddler in Georgia?


I WONDER HOW MANY of those people who showed up to get that food for free with all the bags and boxes really needed the food or did they just want another free handout.


WITH REGARD TO gay marriage, remember God didn’t destroy Sodom for serving 20 ounce sodas.