Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



FEDERAL JUDGE TERRY WOOTEN ruled that S.C. kids cannot enjoy their own state heritage and history –­ i.e., he won’t let kids wear T-shirts with Confederate flags on them. Wooten should move north as soon as possible.


YES, SHAME ON OBAMA for using a human tragedy to create a dog and pony show designed to further his unconstitutional agenda. He should have created a commission to address mental/emotional health.


OBAMA ‘PLEADS’ for more gun control. Why, since gun control laws are the opposite of the Second Amendment? Because all despots do it. Despotism won’t work as long as citizens can fend off tyrannical government.


A LITTLE GIRL, NEARLY 2, was mauled to death by her family’s SEVEN pit bulldogs. The family says the dogs were never aggressive; but genes usually win out. How can anybody keep seven pit bulldogs in their yard and not expect tragic trouble? It’s as intelligent as keeping a few “friendly” tigers in your house.


AW, GEEZ. WHAT a shame. Now I won’t be able to bring my gun to church or wear it to my university class. I feel deprived. Doggone the Georgia legislature.


ONLY AN IDIOT MAKES a budget that “projects a deficit.” That means you will spend money you ain’t got. And yet, modern politicians love spending money so much, they ALWAYS “project a deficit.” The Augusta Housing Authority has apparently learned this socialist game from the feds. They believe the money they’re spending is THEIR PERSONAL MONEY and they can blow it any way they like.


INFLATION IS RIGHTLY called the cruelest tax, for it hits the poorest hardest. No scheme in history tops the massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the elite’s sanctimonious billionaire environmental cabal, whose science cannot be proved or disproved.


‘HE IS RISEN.’ The phrase that sets Christianity apart from all other religions.


THE U.S. MILITARY IS IN Afghanistan, one of the last truly primitive areas of the world. The U.S. should pull out and leave the savages to fight among themselves.


RAVES FOR THE vision and consideration of repurposing the King and Sibley Mills for GRU.