Rants & Raves

WHEN WILL THE COUNTY get someone out to clean up south Augusta? Bobby Jones Expressway is a total disgrace and so is Highway 56. There is trash everywhere. How about getting our prisoners off their buttocks and putting them to work? We feed and clothe them, they can do a good day’s work for their keep.



I AM VERY PLEASED to hear the news that Harrisburg is now rid of the drug houses! Hoorah!


SO THE CITY WANTS Azziz and GRU to take on the mills and that chimney. I know there’s been a wish for a rowing team and maybe scuba lessons for ASU to talk on. Perhaps IF the state gives the monies to fund the mills for use, the stocking of fish in the canal, and a new name for that chimney, then GRU can take on rowing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving and other water sports in the canal. They could also work with the city to sponsor fishing tournaments, as well.


GLAD TO SEE THE former Golf and Garden’s property being cleaned up at least. Now, how fast can the state move to get the funding for buildings, etc. there?


TURNING OFF MY RADIO FOR GOOD. My kids love listening to pop songs. What 7-year-old doesn’t love “Call Me Maybe”? But there are so many new songs with inappropriate language. Fortunately, my children do not know these words. Unfortunately, I have to turn off Augusta pop stations so they are not exposed to that language. Note: there are versions of these songs without those words (or word parts) in them, but some local pop stations choose to (oftentimes) use the family un-friendly version). Advertisers who want to market to families should take their business elsewhere.


WHAT HAPPENED TO the law that bans clearing 50 feet from the rivers and wetlands? The banks have been cleaned and grass planted over the river banks. There have been insecticides, fertilizers, weed killers and all of the debris thrown in the rivers, both the Savannah and the Little River. I would gladly stop fishing on the Little River if the golf course owners would be required to replace the damage they have done on the river banks both the Little and the Savannah River.


IT IS AMAZING THAT Georgia’s and South Carolina’s part-time employees (the General Assemblies) can create so much havoc in such a short period of time.