Rants & Raves

MANY THANKS TO the kind, patriotic gentleman who paid for a meal for a Purple Heart World War II veteran and his wife at Five Guys and Fries last month. He admired my World War II cap with its insignia and said, “You don’t see many World War II veterans anymore.” Kind sir, we are honored by your thoughtfulness and really enjoyed the meal.



RAVE TO THE deputies that came by to check on my parents’ home. They were professional and responded quickly. Great job!


SO THE MILLS will expand and the arts part will move downtown to a riverfront campus … and when are the hard-working employees who have been without raises but increased health care costs going to finally get a decent raise that covers at least the losses?


IT’S TRULY PATHETIC how many dishonest people we have working in prisons. Either they need to be more alert in background checks or see what it is about the prison that’s teaching the workers to ignore the laws in favor of making monies from prisoners to smuggle cellphones, drugs, etc.


PEOPLE, IF YOU are unhappy with your jobs, go get another one. I’m tired of all these front office people who just complain to all the people like me who walk in to do business. We are not professional, free psychiatrists who can just take your yapping about things we have no control over like your pay. Otherwise, based on the experience I see of you for thankfully just a few short minutes, I’d drop your pay.


IN ANOTHER (and saner) time, the Greenbrier 18 would have been turned over to their coaches for some long distance (several hundred laps worth) discipline. This would have encouraged these students to think about the consequences for their error in judgment – without treating them as if they had robbed a bank. As is, once again, the heavy hand of zero tolerance in Columbia County schools overkills again.


TO THE GRAY Honda with Georgia plates on Mike Padgett Highway speeding and smoking pot: Slow down and stay off the roads intoxicated. You’re going to get someone killed.


IT IS GOOD to see several uniformed officers walking about Augusta Mall. And that they caught at least one of those girls who beat on another girl in front of Forever 21 at Augusta Mall.