Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:



IF I SEND A DONATION check to Augusta State Uni­versity, will they Pho­toshop out the name and put in Georgia Re­gents University or will they take the money and run?


I’M VERY SAD THAT Happy Tails rescue facility in Appling was shut down. We have adopted pets from them. They were well cared for.


I THINK WE OUGHT to impeach every one of the officials in Washington for putting the United States in peril. And then they go home for the weekend.


RANTS TO ALL YOU crooked landlords. All you care about is the money. Don’t you think God is looking at you?


THEY ARE ALWAYS talking about the weight gain in the past 50 years. They must not know a lot about 50 years ago. They were out in the cotton fields picking. People weren’t just sitting on their sofa watching TV every day.


RAVE FOR TUBMAN Lear­­n­ing Center. It is a great school. Dr. Frazier, you are a great principal and leader. This is a very proud parent.


RANT TO DOT: I don’t think anybody knows what is going on at Gor­don Highway and High­way 1 on Bobby Jones. They have traffic blocked for half a mile in each direction. All you see is a bunch of people standing around doing absolutely nothing.


I READ Marion Wil­liams would be trying to get a new sheriff a raise if he was white. I have been in Augusta for a long time. You don’t have to fight for nothing for white folks; they automatically get it just on their color alone.


IF ANYBODY THINKS Azziz didn’t have something to do with the slap in the face to the ASU teams, I have some beachfront property in Dearing for sale.


THE ‘SAVE THE A’ people totally got played.


STEP 1: CONSERVATIVES form the Tea Party. Step 2: Tea Party candidates split the conservative vote. Step 3: Republicans are voted out of office. Step 4: Everyone wins.


REGARDING THE BUTLER High fiasco: Isn’t it sort of fitting for an Obama inauguration?


WHAT GRU IS DOING by doctoring old sport photos is outrageous. The memories of what happened in the past should remain untouched. Please stop this Azziz madness before it gets completely out of hand.