Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



SERIOUSLY. HOW DEEP do the many potholes on Wrightsboro Road have to be before they repave it? I have been here more than 20 years now, and I don’t think that road has been repaved in that length of time and it is badly, badly in need of it.


WHO OWNS THE Cadillac Escalade with the city decal and who gets to drive it?


RAVE TO SYLVIA COOPER. Keep up the good work. Now all we need is for the higher-ups (FBI or whoever) to come to Richmond County and clean house. This county is so crooked, and it needs to be investigated.


RANT TO THE EDITORIAL staff about the Oscars. Why did you even bother to watch? Or, is this some more of your “second-hand” editorializing as dictated by Fox?


WHAT WOULD YOU want them to do with Mr. Gorrell? It will not bring your loved one back. This man is 80-plus years old.


IT’S SAD THAT Richmond County will be losing some excellent veteran teachers because they are unwilling to restructure the system. Teachers who have spent thousands of dollars on higher degrees are not getting paid because of the nine furlough days. Many are searching for adjoining counties which have no furlough days. Does anyone care? You can start by removing instructional coaches from elementary schools. They do not even work with students. A waste of money.


I JUST WANT TO LET everyone know what a wonderful job our young children did in the All County Chorus Concert that took place in Sacred Heart Cultural Center. They were awesome. Thank you so much to all of their hard work along with the music teachers and Mr. Neches.


SHAME ON THE Georgia Department of Agriculture for revoking the license of the Happy Tails Rescue animal rescue group. Apparently, the agriculture inspectors nitpicked the place to death. Maybe the sequester will result in fewer inspectors available for such work in the future.


A $26,000 PAY RAISE and all it takes is writing a letter? I can do that in a heartbeat.


IT IS STUPID NOT TO allow people to grow tobacco here in the United States. How do they expect people to get tobacco products? They are expensive enough as it is. I wish they would leave people alone about what to buy and not to buy and what to eat and what not to eat.