Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT FOR BUTLER students. You have been snookered by a slick talker that you swallowed hook, line and sinker. Now you want repayment for your mistake. Now consider President Obama’s speeches from 2009 to present. Those supporters continue to be snookered, but nonsupporters have no recourse but continue to be put under the bus.


I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF this idea to run city buses from Fort Gordon to the downtown bars on the weekends. I have the utmost respect for our soldiers at Fort Gordon, but I don’t think the taxpayers should be making it easier for anyone to go out and get drunk in a bar. I doubt the military brass is in favor of this, either. The taxpayers should not be subsidizing sinful behavior like alcohol consumption and public drunkenness. Let’s have buses to take people to church instead.


MORAL COWARDS wearing judge’s robes gave stays of execution to two vicious killers.


I AM GOING IN TOMORROW and demand a pay raise because I deserve it. I got one of them diplomas on my wall, make minimum wage and no benefits. If they don’t give me that raise I’ll show them. I quit.


IF THE POST OFFICE is going broke and has to cut back on deliveries, require all these junk (bulk) mail senders to put a stamp on everything just like I have to. Pretty soon, no junk mail, the post office is solvent, delivers every day, and doesn’t have tons to lug around. Sorry Publishers Clearing House!


RANT TO SHERIFF Roundtree requesting a raise. How can he just get into office wanting a raise when all other employees working for the city have not gotten a raise in years? Ridiculous.


BEFORE THE PUBLIC transit starts adding more bus routes, they need to extend several routes and have them run more often. They need to have them run at least every 15-20 minutes apart instead of just every half hour to an hour and add more buses to each route.


I AM ASHAMED OF the two raises just given. Help poor people instead of the greedy – Roundtree and McIntyre.