Rants & Raves

DON’T BLAME the paper mill or anything else on the south side for the horrible odor in Augusta. That stench is coming from the Marble Palace in downtown.



A RAVE for Quayshawn at the Church’s Chicken on Laney-Walker. She always has the hottest and juiciest chicken and I never have to wait for it. She keeps that place running.


RANTS TO THESE elected officials that are trying to further erode our Second Amendment rights. The Second Amend­ment was not intended to protect hunting rights. It is there to ensure we the people have the capability to resist a tyrannical government.


AT LEAST ONE thing’s for certain if the 22nd Amendment is changed: Barack Obama will have to beat Bill Clinton before he can serve a third term.


TO THE PEOPLE who think Augusta is all bad, this is what you do: move out or don’t come here. That will fix your problem.


HILLARY CLINTON claimed she assumed responsibility for everything that happened in Benghazi by then assuming no responsibility. And Americans accept such blatant lies. No wonder we’re sinking fast.


WHO ARE YOU ARMING yourselves against? If the “government” wanted to take your weapons, they have that Army that less than 1 percent of us have ever served in.


OUR NATION’S founders are being recast as racist, sexist, rich slave owners when in reality they were the greatest collection of thinkers and humanists in the same place at the same time in world history, and the republic they left us is the best that has ever existed. Honestly, do you really believe Obama, Biden, Boehner, Reed, Pelosi and the rest of today’s geniuses are gonna leave us and, more importantly, our children’s children with a better nation?


PLEASE SPARE US from having to look at photos of Alvin Mason and Marion Williams in the newspaper. I wish the local stations would stop showing them on TV.


INSTEAD OF BUILDING a bridge connecting two buildings, wouldn’t it be smarter to have a pedestrian bridge connecting us to North Augusta, especially with the new stadium?