Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THE ONLY THING columnist Michelle Malkin showcases in her articles are the many reasons so many people like and support President Obama. Her articles are meant to demean the president’s efforts, but she actually does the opposite.


I WOULD LIKE to commend the North Augusta planners for the job done on West Avenue. Those freshly painted white curbs reveal the degree of planning. Every new curb has been totally dogged by motorists ruining tires on them. All are “tire rub black” now, just weeks after completion.


WHEN SECONDS count, and help is only minutes away, teachers need to be armed.


MARION WILLIAMS is back on the Augusta Commission and causing trouble as usual.


AT THE PRESIDENT’S news conference, while obsessing about the banning of guns, he missed a golden opportunity to address the underlying causes of those horrible massacres which occurred over recent years. He barely mentioned mental illness.


UNEMPLOYMENT IS the same today as it was when Obama was sworn in four years ago. I guess there is no “hope that it will change.”


YES, CONTINUE TO blame the president for all of your issues. Don’t blame the 535 congressmen that you put there to represent your interests. We all know that one person is more powerful than 535. It’s like blaming the CEO of a bank instead of placing the blame where it truly belongs; the owners.


RAVE FOR BARBIE at O’Charley’s in west Augusta. Best server in Augusta, and we eat out a lot. Next time there, ask for her. You’ll see.


TO THE MISGUIDED ranter about the Paine College gym being expensive: Any building nowadays is expensive and not just because of the economy. But its classrooms and the space for multiuse for even non-athletic events, such as the upcoming Paine College Gala in February, that’s a wise investment.


AS AN ALUMNUS of ASU, I can tell you that I will think more than twice about putting any money into Georgia Regents University. I can’t tell what Azziz will use the money for.


NO CRIMINAL INTENT found in wrong-way crash? Are you kidding me? This woman had every opportunity to pull over, turn around and avoid what happened.