Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



IF NIKKI HALEY DOES nothing else in her term as governor of South Carolina, she has already proved that she puts her constituents first by appointing Tim Scott to replace Jim DeMint in the Senate. DeMint was the only senator I had any respect for, but Scott will be a worthy successor; and if I lived in South Carolina, he would get my vote without having to ask for it.


I WAS IN THE Augusta Commission chamber for the final meeting of 2012 when a representative from Hillcreek subdivision stated the Commissioner (Jerry) Brigham “threw them under the bus” with his nonsupport of their efforts to prevent an apartment complex in their backyard. Mr. Brigham became irate at the use of what he termed disparaging remarks and asked the mayor to admonish the citizen; which he did. My question is: When in the course of political debate did the rights of citizens who are already limited to a 5-minute discourse become further limited in usage of idiomatic phrases to express disgust with the political process? I hope my calling him “thin-skinned” will not be censored also.


THE REPORT ON the Benghazi attack is out. While the report states that there were systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels, nobody was held responsible or accountable. Come on now, four of our people were killed and everybody got off? That’s a tragedy in itself.


‘THE ARGYLE SWEATER’ is a great cartoon. Unfor­tunately, it takes a bit of intellect to understand.


ANYBODY TRYING to cross the busy six-lane Washington Road is asking for trouble. Let’s use some basic common sense for a change.


HERE THEY ARE wanting to move the GreenJackets over to North Augusta. I say leave it where it is and let North Augusta form its own team.


APPARENTLY intelligent people are still blaming Bush for the financial mess we are in, even going back and blaming Ronald Reagan. Why don’t they blame the devil for all the evil in the world? That is the true source of it.


THE PEOPLE AT Surgical Center and the Vascular Center were so polite. I couldn’t believe it.


PUBLIX, COME TO south Augusta. We need you here. Hurry up and get some property.


PLEASE BRING BACK the cartoon Cul de sac. I miss Alice dancing on the manhole covers and I miss Peter and his dioramas.


SHERIFF STRENGTH, thank you for being so generous and giving $1,000 to the Empty Stocking Fund. It will make many families happy.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG saves me 30 minutes of television time every morning because when that show comes on, I turn the TV off.