Empty Stocking Donors 2012

The Augusta Chronicle’s Empty Stocking Fund raised $93,269.57 this holiday season, helping more than 1,000 families across the area.


The effort, which received 1,917 applications, followed its 82-year-old tradition of helping mostly children whose parents were struggling through economic challenges.

Over the past decade the fund has raised more than $1 million.

Previously acknowledged $85,929.57


In memory of Ray Stephens 
From Pa Pa’s girls $100

From Don and Stephanie Bray $250

Herbert & Lera Hicks $15

Unos Jibaritos de Utuado, 
Puerto Rico “Feliz Navidad” $20

In honor of the Ellis 4 children, 
6 grandchildren and 6 great 
grandchildren $50

Merry Christmas and Happy New 
Year from Bill and Judy Lillis 
and kids $50

Ted and Lois Stellern $50

Elizabeth and Karron Haines $50

In memory of Wesley and Juanita Widner $50

To honor husband, children and “grands” $50

In honor Grandchildrens and Great Grandchild from Leonard and Mildred Martin $50

In memory of my wife, Becky 
Herrity $100

In loving memory of Douglas 
Miller $25

In loving memory of Tom McGee 
by Carole McGee $25

Usha and Hiru Patel $35

In memory of Gloria Wright 
Rhodes $25

In memory of parents, Mr and Mrs. John Rabias $40

C.A. Kimbrough $25

In memory of Marie D. Clement $25

In memory and honor of our 
loving family by Sam and 
Pat Bradley $100

In honor of Zach, Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, AbiGrace, Sarah, 
RaJo Washington $500

Sally and Jerry Thacker $50

In loving memory of my sister 
Mattie E. Golphin $50

Jessie and Tammy Dees $25

Martha Folley $25

In memory of Shirley Clark $50

Ward Realty LLC $35

Merry Christmas-Carole and 
Richard Bailey $250

Charles and Joeann Williams $20

Donald and Ann Macey $50

George and Joyce Dunaway $100

In memory of Raymond W. 
Holmes $100

In memory of my two wives Gladys 
B. Martin and Vida W. Martin 
from Frank Martin $100

Clara and Stanton Grady Hill $50

The Kinder Family $20

In honor of our children and 
grandchildren $100

In appreciation for the service of 
Sheriff Ronnie Strength $50

In memory of Wade, Ag and Pop, 
and Maima $100

In memory of Michael Brown $100

In memory of Terry Barwick $100

Greek Orthodox Church $100

Jack Lester, Jr. $75

In memory of Loved Ones $100

Timothy and Leanne Smail $150

Jay and Janis Hutchison $100

A Vietnam Vet. Combat Vet in 
memory of Vietnam Vets W.I.A. $25

Craig and Margaret Ellis $50

Deavidene Mays $20

In memory of the 26 victims of 
Sandy Hook $50

Robin and Mike Dudley $100

In honor of our grandchildren, 
Mack and Mattie $200

Thomas and Barbara Kiernan $150

William and Laverne Holmes $100

In memory of Tony Ivey, Bill 
Brunkow, Rick Montgomery, 
Wes Hutto, Dee Jarrell and 
T-Bone Thomas $50

M.C. Cunning $50

Karen and John Hayes $50

Larry and Karen Stein $25

In memory of Ryan Lariscy and 
Daniel Martin from J.P. $200

Drs. Kim and Charles Wirsing $250

Louis and Dorothy Scharff $25

Teresa and Thomas Thirkell, Jr. $500

Suburban Garden Club $100

Walter and Linda Jung $10

In honor of all my Children and Grandchildren from MURF... $500

In loving memory of Martha 
Patricia Dunaway Murphy $100

Doctor’s Hospital ICU Day Shift $235

Pedraza Family $50

In memory of JC Bible. Jr. $50

Merry Christmas! $35

Anonymous $30

Dana and Laura Atkins $100

Merry Christmas and Happy 
New Year! $75

In honor of our grandson, Everett Atkinson from Joe and Barbara Ellington $25

Bob and Kathy Manz $100

Grucela Family! Merry 
Christmas $100

Anonymous $300

Augusta Chapter of Gapan $150


Total today $7,340


Total this year $93,269.57


Monday, December 24, 2012

Previously acknowledged $83,729.57


God Bless Sandy Hook Elem. Victims $200

JoeAnn and Everett Reinhardt $100

Honoring our grand blessings Mackenzie, Kaleigh, Madison, Aiden, Dawson, Jared, Max $35

From Santa $5

In memory of my uncle Sheriff Charles Webster from Billy Norris $100

The Bounds $20

Molly and Annabelle $100

In loving memory of Ryan Lariscy $25

In loving memory of Robert L. Hayden $25

Bobby and Andree Boyd $100

Sue and Doanne Rouch $100

Peter and Leonie Buckley $500

In memory of Eddie Hornyak, our son and 
Jean and Bob Morris, my parents 
from Barbara and David Hornyak $100

In honor of Donna Thompson $50

Happy Birthday Jesus, The Lamb of God $100

Scott Adams $20

In loving memory of Ryan Lariscy $100

Michael and Diane Iovino $25

Live Oak Forestry and Appraisals, LLC $200

Anonymous $100

In memory of Earl Hildebrant by Jean Hildebrant $25

In memory of Hazel Patton by Aldine Patton $25

In loving memory of Mom and Sister, Cheryl $50

In loving memory of our Dad and PaPa. Nat and Traci $75

In memory of “Ringo” Magda Newland $20


Total today $2,200


Total this year $85,929.57


Sunday, December 23, 20112

Previously acknowledged $79,842.57


In honor of Mad Dog and Crazy Joey $25

In honor of our beautiful daughter, Lauren Brooke Lowe, Merry Christmas $100

Love one another as you would love yourself $500

Dr. Geri Harmon $50

Merry Christmas Ryan Casey Creech! We Love you and miss you so very much, Daddy, Tracy, Nanny, and Granny B. $11

In loving memory of Anthony W. Leggio $200

In honor of the La-La’s $50

T.K. and Helen Egan $100

In honor of my beautiful niece, Claudia Isabelle Craft $30

In memory of Grady, Lillian, Ellen, Paul Betty and Baby Jeremy the Jewelers Bench $500

In memory of Robert, forever my love. Connie Wendt $200

In memory of Mattie P. Williams $100

In memory of Robert E. Williams $100

James and Kelley O’Quinn $100

In loving memory of Lewis and Kendall McCall, your family misses you both $25

In memory of Andy and Stewart Capers $50

Merry Christmas! In honor of the owners of W.A. Bragg & Co., from the employees. $316

Philippe and Lauren Erramuzpe $75

Jimmy and Gertrude $30

In loving memory of my parents, Dea. Albert Lee & Louise R. Bivines; A friend who was like a father to me, Mr. Walter S. Williams by 
Emily Ann Bivines $100

In memory of Tran T Tu $25

In memory of John and Lois St John $25

In loving memory of Jessica, Aunt Gert, Fran, Raymond and Bruno from M & M $50

The Sidley Family $100

In memory of Biba and Pink, Charlie & Reba $50

Happy Holidays! $200

In loving memory of Doris Paul, Eugenia Lyles, Martha Stanfield and Stephania Szocinski $100

From the employees at Gold Mech in the name of Tom Dozier $500

In honor of Vickie Goetz by Jane and Doug Flanders $25

In honor of Phillip and Karen Morgan $150

Total today $3,887


Total this year $83,729.57


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Previously acknowledged $77,116.22


Buck and Vera Kent $30

Anonymous $25

In honor and memory of my father Artice Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

Sandra and Nathan Williams $25

Edward and Barbara Stapleton $20

Brandy, Louie and Ludwig $60

In memory of Allen Tudor from Martha Tudor $100

Sarah Phoebe, John Clark, Grant and Polly $150

In memory of Doris Smith Canady $25

Lance and Saundra Forbes $25

In memory of the Edmonds Family $100

Open Door Pre-School $141.35

In memory of Dr. Herbert Harper $200

Marian Harelik $20

In memory of Pop and Mama Smith and Ted and Melba Cannon from Jimmy and Beth Smith $100

We care! $15

Tina and James Wicker, Sr. $50

In memory of Mary Colley Stewart $25

In loving memory of Beth (Mimi) and 
Gerald (Pops) Phalin $25

In loving memory of Dan and Lillian Smoak $100

Colleen and Lonnie Hergott $100

In memory of D.B. Washington Sr. $25

Frances Lloyd $10

In memory of my two children Mark Simmons and Janice Simmons Wilson by their Mother Helen L. Simmons $50

Santa Claus $50

“To God be Glory” $100

Bath Presbyterian Church $500

In loving memory of John L. Conrad, O’Neal Yonce, Jenny Maggio, Roger Thomas, Ray Collins and Winford Murdaugh Jr. $100

In honor of Jackie Wiggins by her K4 class at 
FBC, Augusta $75

ET Industrial Supply Co. Inc. $125

Hazel Grove $25

Kaitlya, Olivia, Emma and Elizabeth $40

Merry Christmas! Jimmy and Joanne $50

In loving memory of Matt Miklas $40

Nice Guy and Family $50

Mom and Pa (Ng’s) $50


Total today $2,726.35


Total this year $79,842.57


Friday, December 21, 2012

Previously acknowledged $76,231.22


Tommie and Bonnie Ford $50

In memory of Lester T. Johnson $10

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Maddocks $250

In memory of Grandmothers Woodward and Sanders $50

Daniel and Joan Silliman $50

Barbara and Rob $25

In honor of the Carole Fabrics Customer Asst./Cut Order 
Dept. $100

P&P Sales $100

James Adams $25

In honor of all my Children, Grand 
and Great Grand Children $25

In loving memory of Rev. Charles Michael $100

In loving memory of Donnely 
and Bill Shoemaker $50

In memory of Pierce E. Marks, III 
from George and Ellen Shipes $50


Total today $885

Total this year $77,116.22


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Previously acknowledged $74,568.22


Davidson Fine Arts in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary $500

Daniel and Cheryl Smith $100

James and Janie Miller $100

In memory of Ruth and Richard Burnett $50

Sylvia and Joe Cheek $100

In memory of Jasmine and Jeremy Spires $25

Johnnie Booker $30

“In memory of Judy and Bill” $50

In loving memory of my son Greg Schweitzer 
from Lee Schweitzer $50

In loving memory of Ward Claussen $25

Anonymous $50

In memory of Andrew and Robert from Carolyn 
and Langdon Atkins $100

Anonymous $1

“In honor of our armed forces” $25

In loving memory of Barmans, Sopers, and Ungers $50

Ralph Taylor $50

In honor of Patti Fowler $25

In memory of Sarah Patricia Allen from Title I Ga.Pre-K Department Richmond County Board of Education $282

Anonymous $50


Total today $1,663


Total this year $76,231.22


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Previously acknowledged $70,722.22

In honor of William and Maggie Salley, Salley and Thomas Wilson, and John, Ben and Charlie Salley $350

In memory of Phyllis Ille $50

In memory of Edwin Baker and Kathleen Rosling $50

Carl and Sara Baker $50

“In honor of our children, Gene and Laura Rollins” $100

Samuel Williams $50

Mary Lou Helmly $25

In memory of R.A. “Bobby” Lewis from your Grandchildren $70

Frances Mingledolph $25

Merry Christmas from Bill and Juanita Hambrick $25

George and Margaret Hyatt $50

Alan Rickman $25

Jordel and Robert Rihl $50

Jesus is the Reason for the Season $50

In memory of my parents Harve and Maggie Quarles, sister Inez, brother Kinzel, husband Reuben Carver and son Randy $50

Carl and Barbara Brown $50

Carol and Eric Thompson $50

Anonymous $25

Frances Ansley $25

Thomas Barrett $50

Merry Christmas! Gil and Penny Strader $50

Merry Christmas! $50

Anonymous $231

In memory of our son Grant by David and Ann Keller $150

Anonymous $100

The Brooks Family $60

In honor of my grandkids, Parker, Claudia and Leila Eastmead $60

Mary Ruppert $100

In memory of Bea Hite $100

In honor and memory of my mother Annie Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

Carolyn Bigelow $50

Wallace and Barbara Edwards $100

David and Joy Amerman $150

In loving memory of our parents by Reed and Jeri Wakeley $50

Anonymous $500

Outreach Inc. $150

In loving memory of Daisy McDonald $500

In loving memory of Ruth L. Murphy $50

Lillie Bynes $25

Ebenezer Scrooge $25

Anonymous $25

Total today $3,846

Total this year $74,568.22


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Previously acknowledged $67,535.22


In loving memory of Ron Lindsey $20

“In loving memory of Camille Martin” $20

Kent and Patricia Hood $50

In honor of Ed and Carolyn Parry $10

In memory of Mr. Joseph G. Matthews $15

In memory of Barbara $40

Jason and Sherry Hayes $25

Christine and John Crawford Jr. $25

In memory of Tommy Winters $50

Anonymous $25

In memory of Jeff and Elaine $10

In memory of my mom Margaret Holley $15

In honor of Bob Gillespie $200

James Ayers $20

Lucy Ayers $25

Anonymous $30

In honor of Joe, Cooper, Menger, McKenzie, Matao and Jake $200

In honor of our four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren $25

Anonymous $35

Thomson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram $200

In loving memory of Richard (Jack) Miles and Earl Clampitt $50

John and Kendra Gogick $100

Cathy Green $25

In memory of Buddie $20

Robert and Sandi Dupuy $25

In memory of April Nichols: We love you, Mama, Daddy, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayton and Sawyer $50

In memory of Papa Art Delmerico with love Mia and Sam $20

The Dunbars $25

In memory of Buster and Missy $50

Michael Combs $5

Patrick and Monique Catalini $40

In memory of Pam Gantt $50

J.R. Cadieux $250

Merry Christmas from Carson and M.C. $100

Kanti and Kusum Mistry $25

Edward and Gabrielle Eno $100

Irvin and Janice Richardson $100

Troy Simmons $50

In memory of my sister Vera Whitener by Richard E. Bailey $100

Episcopal Day School dress down day $617

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. F. Stuhler and Mr. and Mrs. S. Tomber $50

In memory of Mama, Daddy, Henry and Larkin $25

In memory of my lovely grandmother Curtis Shield Trowbridge, Mother Mabel 
T. Blount, and Aunt and Uncle Mr. and Mrs. James S. Trowbridge $25

In thanksgiving for Campbell Elizabeth Harison $25

In memory of the Flemister Family $20

Stacia and William Blevins $25

Hugh and Mary Scott $50

John and Nanette Johnson $25

Russ and Mary Ellen Jacobs $100


Total today $3,187

Total this year $70,722.22


Monday, December 17, 2012

Previously acknowledged $65,890.22

Merry Christmas! Larry and Peggy Carson $20

John Nikander $100

Pamela Oblanc $50

Lloyd and Linda Young $75

In loving memory of Dora Rose Villemain and William L. Martin $100

In memory of J.D. $25

Richard and Maureen Bravo $50

In memory of Terry Gordon Lunceford $25

In memory of Lawrence J. Shamley from Cynthia and Mark Shamley $25

Jane and Bill $100

Anna Lowe $25

In honor of our great granddaughter Noel Kane from Bob and Joyce Duggar $50

In memory of Dickie Grice $100

Lt. Col Nancy Sanchez, USA, Ret. and Aida Sanchez $25

In memory of Dr. Henry C Gorman $50

In loving memory of Cindy from Mom, Dad, Son $25

In loving memory of our Daughter Lynn by Ellen and Arlie Mansberger $250

In honor and memory of my mother Jo Christian by Carole C. Bailey $100

Carson and Herbert Elliott $200

In honor of our four grandsons $15

Merry Christmas, From my grandbuddies Will and Joan Banks $35

Merry Christmas Bill and Georgia Kozel $100

In honor of my grandchildren Murphy, Matt, Hamilton, Mary Beth, Maggie, Martha Kate and Will $100


Total today $1,645

 Total this year $67,535.22


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Previously acknowledged $65,430.22


In memory of Al and Louise Smith $50

In memory of my wonderful daddy, Al Smith, who is still missed so much $25

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Lodge $50

Ramona Penn $50

In memory of Ann Gould, Aquinas High School Class of 1966 $100

Merry Christmas! Mittie Conner and Maria Nicholson $60

Leketa Morgan Leverett $75

In loving memory of A.R. (Dick) Frank $50


Total today $460


Total this year $65,890.22


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Previously acknowledged $61,465.22


In memory of my dear parents Cora and Jess Davis $100

Anonymous $105

In honor of Shirley Pittman from Chet and Carol Howard $25

Anonymous $25

Bryan Hite $250

Anonymous $30

Arthur and Helen Brown $25

Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Chapter Teachers Sorority $100

In loving memory of Jackie May Murdock $100

James and Chong Reynolds $50

Donna and Frank Tovar $50

S E and William Corley, Sr. $25

In honor of my Mom Carolyn Houser “D” $25

In memory of Deister, Boop, Caesar, Poppee and Panky $25

Earnest, Gloria, Dawn, Kendra and Naya $50

Anonymous $200

Mike Rucker $50

In honor of William “Bill” Goldey from the Smiths $100

In memory of Ryan Lariscy $100

Anonymous $500

In honor and memory of my father, Foster Christian, by Carole C. Bailey $100

In memory of Ralph and Wedge $10

In memory of Irene and Mike $25

“In loving memory of Mrs. Ann Jones Blanchard by her family” $25

In loving memory of our parents John and Jeanette Haupert and Bill and Dot Burckhardt $100

In memory of Grace Andrews $25

“In memory of Jack Best Friend” $200

In honor of Tom Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200

In honor of Tommy Dozier from the employees at Silver Sheet Metal $200

Anonymous $50

Fleissige Lieschen Carol, Uschi, Renate, Hilde, Ingrid, Ursula $75

With unlimited appreciation for Bradberry Bowman ... From a grateful friend $20

Ronnie Strength $1,000


Total today $3,965


Total this year $65,430.22


Friday, December 14, 2012

Previously acknowledged $57,834.22


In memory of Frank Hebbard Jr., from  his family $200

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa $111

Peggy Lovelace a gift to my friends $100

In memory of Virginia Woodward from Nina Hebbard $100

Earl and Linda $50

The Women of the Well Holy Trinity Angels in Church North Augusta SC $50

Willie Chiles $25

Carson, Caroline, Taylor, Avery, Stella, Kristin and Hannah $100

In memory of John Small, Sr. from his Langford Jr. High football coach $50

Merry Christmas Marjorie and George Milne $25

“In memory of Tony and Michael McClellan” $50

Willie Reynolds $10

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

W B Salter $25

David and Shirley Arens $50

“Shadow the Kat” $100

In memory of Reid Heos $50

In memory of Ivie and Jimmy Lee $20

Bret, Bart, Troy and Tony $100

Sandra Keen $50

Alice Keen $50

In loving memory of our friends, Jim Wiley, Harry Glass, Victor Johnson, Larry Lavarnway and our brother, Wayman (Buzz) Hill $40

David Clark $25

John and Mary White $20

Patrick and Joan Bieker $50

Anonymous $25

Carol Cooksey $20

Ann Cooper $40

In memory of Morgan Beverly $50

In honor of Julia and Sonny Gaston from Sam and Elizabeth $500

In memory of Dot and George Whigham $500

In memory of Dr. Dazziz $20

Wesley and Rita Brinkman $100

Willie and Gwendolyn Collins $35

In memory of Robert B. Lamar by George J. Lamar and family $100

Greenbrier Middle School $125

Hal Herrington, Jr. $10

Grovetown Lion Club $250

Bill Cooper $20

Gary Berg and Pick Chen Chai $100

Eldon and Beatrice Ensz $25

Anonymous $60

Anonymous $100


Total today $3,631


Total this year $61,465.22


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Previously acknowledged $54,284.22

“In loving memory of my son Louis Powell, Jr.” $30

Sharon Dugger $80

In memory of Jess, Mary, Bill and 
Linda D, James and Justin B. $100

In memory of Olive, Mary and 
Mildred Miles, Maebell K. Phillips and Charles Gorse $25

Thelma Clark $50

Hugh and Diane Beckwith $100

Paul Dunbar III $100

Julie Roberts $10

Sam Templeton $25

In honor of the staff at Washington Road Publix! $100

Linda and Jeff Lee $25

John and Shirlene Van Orden $25

Robert and Gina Damen $100

Hephzibah United Methodist 
Church $100

Charlie and Ester Henderson $25

In honor of our grandchildren 
Addison and Annie Rae Reeves 
by Charles and Mary Reeves $50

For Brian and Tiffany $50

In memory of my husband T.L. 
(Moe) Crabtree and my son 
Stephen L. Crabtree $100

In memory of Grannyan, PA, 
G.G., Bumba, Grandmother 
and Granddaddy Gibbons, 
Mena, Allen $200

Steven and Helene Hondrum $100

In loving memory of my husband Herman Peskin, MD $100

Brett and Zach Lillis $25

Anonymous $30

David and Joan Hahn $30

In memory of Dr. Jos A. 
Schneider $175

Paul and Carol Gage $25

In memory of Matthew 
Duggan Harlan $100

“In loving memory of my mother, Loma Morgan” $150

Merry Christmas! Bill Cobb and Lawanna Mercer-Cobb $100

In memory of Pierce E. Marks III 
from J, J and K $100

McMichael Land and Timber $50

In memory of Eleanor and Bill 
Murphy and Joe and Ruby 
Meredith $50

American Concrete Employees $500

Helen and Robert Symms $50

In honor of Pierce Marks $75

In memory of Dianne Martin 
Harper $100

Merry Christmas, Bob, Lina 
and Caitlin Herring $30

Marty and Marcia Kennedy $45

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. George 
C. Jackson, Vere and 
Bill Daugherty $100

Irvin Levy $25

Nancy and Gregg Karlberg $100

In loving memory of my parents 
Fred W and Effie H Hill $25

In memory of Robert R. Todd $25

“Huffy” $100

Fred and Barbara Rucker $25

Carl Jeske $20


Total today $3,550


Total this year $57,834.22


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Previously acknowledged $51,799.22

 The Almost Reconstituted Defunct Wednesday Bridge Club which mainly plays on Thursdays.... $10

Jackie Sims $50

In memory of Gerald Dupree $100

Jane Enyeart $50

Merry Christmas from Glynn and Cathy Bruker $100

In memory of my Brothers Theo, Bill, Bob and Tom Balk $50

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $100

In memory of Nelson Crenshaw $100

Pick Chen Chai and Gary Berg $200

In memory of Doc Watson $100

Kate and Stephen Ferguson $25

In memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $50

In memory of Leahman, Flo, Marvin and Bob $200

In memory of Mommy, Rebekah, Love, Ava Bowers $100

In memory of my parents Margaret and Marion Alston $100

In memory of Robert and Minnie Rinker and Carolyn Tate $50

Harry and Carolyn Elam $50

In memory of Chester E Hendrich $200

“In honor of Dorothy and Louise” $100

F.F. and Joyce Marschalk, Jr. $50

Anne and Neil Myers $50

In memory of our parents, from Bob and Marion Hill $100

In memory of my husband Charles Odom $20

In memory of Stephanie and Donna LaBlanc $100

Anonymous $50

Carl and Anita Johns $100

In loving memory of my husband A.J. Lewis, Sr. and my beloved Son, Ray Dixon from Mrs. Mary Lewis $40

In loving memory of my niece Jean McDonald Reed from Mrs. Mary Lewis $10

Carolyn Benning $35

In loving memory of David Micheal McCoy $25

In memory of my Son, Michael and Wicket $20

Dr. and Mrs. Logan Nalley, Jr. $150

 Total today $2,485

Total this year $54,284.22


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Previously acknowledged $49,074.22

Curtis and Dolores Justus $25

In memory of Bill, Marcie, and Betty $150

In honor of Thomas Watson and Lucy Elizabeth Keith Millican $750

For Meg Byar’s birthday and in loving memory of Taddy and Claudia from a friend $20

Leverne and Dixie Fernandez $50

Robert and Luanna Grimley $50

Clifford and Janet Foster $50

Joyce and Lawton James, Jr. $200

In memory of Horrace, Helen, Harold and Patty Foss $100

Ricki and Piney Hamilton $50

Anonymous $50

Rodney Thompson $50

In honor of John Francisco III and Tara Danielson $10

Marian Bentley $20

Richard Holt $1,000

William Kanto, Jr. $150

 Total today $2,725

Total this year $51,799.22


Monday, December 10, 2012

Previously acknowledged $45,479.22

Merry Christmas from Landon, William and Courtney $25

In loving memory of Lauren Cauthen by Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Jim $20

AMX Solutions Inc. $1,000

In loving memory of my sister, Ramona Carroll $100

Dialog Sunday School Class at Aldersgate United Methodist Church $50

In cherished memories of our Beloved Parents George and Helen Cobbett and Gerald Sansonese $30

Lula Collier $10

In memory of Anne Walter $50

William and Darlene Blosser $100

The Still Magnolias Bridge Club of North Augusta $100

We miss you and Love you, Miss Haley, Jonathon, Sarah, David Eugene, Bryan and Jessica $60

Chip Hardin $50

Anonymous $100

In Ed’s honor $100

Lincoln and Marjorie Adams $25

Lorraine Seeby $20

Jean Bowles $50

Jane and Jim Quarles $100

Anonymous $50

Judy Wilson $50

In memory of Florrie and Davis Toole $30

In honor of Sabra and in memory of Tink Sanders $30

Neita and Doyle Buck $25

Virginia Palus $50

To all my play pals Duke, Callie, Abbie, Pandy, Jack and Mako. Merry Christmas Bella Cook $100

In honor of Lillie Johnston, in memory of J.E. Johnston and in memory of Maggie James $75

David and Shirley Schulte $100

Elizabeth Steadman $20

In memory of Pete and Ida Johnson and Pearlie and Johnnie Flanders $50

In memory of our PaPa. The Rushing Family $50

In honor of my son-in-law Leon Ray $200

Susan Schafer $100

In loving memory of Dora Villemain $100

John Hebbard Jr. $200

Merry Christmas-Employees at Scale South Inc. $375

Total today $3,595

Total this year $49,074.22


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Previously acknowledged $44,954.22

In memory of David Jowers, from Evelyn and Tommy Price $25

In honor of our Aunt, Willie Kennedy Scott from Evelyn and Tommy Price $25

Merry Christmas $25

In loving memory of Lester Durham from Margaret Durham $100

In loving memory of Glenn M Grandin $250

In memory of Ryan Howell $50

In memory of Charles Ennis from Susan Ennis $50

Total today $525

Total this year $45,479.22


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Previously acknowledged $43,099.22

In memory of my husband Samuel Campbell and my son Richard Davidson $30

June and Bill Rooks $50

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $25

In memory of Ruth L Thieme $100

Straughan Company $50

Constance and R.M. Read $25

Betty Landen $150

Vickie Goetz $10

Anonymous $50

In memory of Jordan Kicklighter from Jim, Judy and Dan $75

In thanks for my blessings $50

Doris and Nickolas Sexton $50

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Donati, Mr. and Mrs Wilma Schiller and Mrs. Vicki Baker $75

Sara Delaughter $15

H. M. Eller $10

David and Marion Shuttleworth $25

In honor of Grace Girls Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church, Augusta, Ga. $25

Given in loving memory of Marcus Sterling Dement $100

Anonymous $100

Scott Sommers $25

In loving memory of my Husband, our Daddy, Opa and Pee-Paw-James L Wiley Sr. from Monika, Dana Marie, James Jr, Adam and Gregory $50

Dr. and Mrs. James Puryear $75

Helen Smiegocki $15

Prather Construction Co., INC. $200

Georgia and Janice Wren $25

In memory of Gloria Holley $50

Anonymous $45

Anonymous $125

Augusta Chinese Womens Club $75

In memory of Marianne Hurley and Hilde Pollich from the Angels of the German Club $55

 Total today $1,855

 Total this year $44,954.22


Friday, December 7, 2012

Previously acknowledged $39,478.22

 Hal and Doris $100

Anonymous $100

George and Marthe Odell $25

“The defunct Monday Night Bridge Club” $125

In memory of Elsie and Pepper Martin, Edna and Dudley Bowen and Dianne Harper $100

Fred and Marie Hiller $100

In memory of Tam Belding Jr. $50

Donald and Janet Geckeler $20

Roy and Karen $50

In memory of Art and Andy Jacobson $25

In memory of Marsden and Wenona Averette and In honor of Brayden, Carter, and Ashton Goff $150

“For a Blessed Christmas” $140

In memory of Elma and Hammond Burkhalter and Lavern Toole by Mary Lee Toole $100

“In memory of David Wunder from Chuck and Anne” $50

In honor of our grandchildren Kyra, Kelsey and Conner $30

Anonymous $500

“In memory of Mary Ellen Bryan” $10

In memory of Son $20

Jerry and Earlene LaFontaine $50

Ronald and Mary Harrell $20

“In his name” $100

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Bilodeau $50

In honor of Aiden Weir from Damma and Bobbie $25

John and Jan Kozel Merry Christmas $100

Charles Pierce Family in memory of Edna F. Pierce $50

In loving memory of our son Brannen Bryan $30

In honor of our grandchildren, Gage and Zoe $25

Frank and Betty Givens $100

In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Story $30

Merry Christmas from Christiane Mitchum $20

In memory of John Thorstad and J.O. Bennett $100

Nathaniel and Elaine Kruskol $25

Dorothy Goodwin $25

David and Diana Ward $25

In memory of Elizabeth Reed $100

Alma Bennett $50

In loving memory of our son John Kevin Stamper from Bob and Peggy Stamper $25

Barrett, Sara Beth, Ellie, Mary Dennis, Wiley $250

Natash and Peter Flores $50

Elige and Norma Hickman $50

In memory of Katherine N. Marks and Pierce Marks III $100

Alan and Shawn Busby $100

Raymond Richards $100

Merry Christmas – Ken and Richard Bailey-Bailey Development, LLC. $200

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Attaway $50

Mina Daftari $11

Marilyn Reedy $15

Marino Pelosi $50

 Total today $3,621

 Total this year $43,099.22


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Previously acknowledged $34,387.22

 Donald and Susan Allen $50

Anonymous $1

In memory of Monty and Else $100

Tammy Morgan $100

Wilson and Donna Farr $1,000

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brand $100

Mildred and John Barber $250

Michael and Barbara Downes $25

Barbara Murphy $25

In memory of husband and son $25

Larry and Cathy Lingle $100

Blanche Riley $10

James Wilson $50

Thomas and Ursula Anderson $25

Anonymous $20

Victor and Mary Johnson $100

Anonymous $50

Ponce, Puerto Rico $60

Ann and Wayne Hardy $25

In memory of Wiley and Frances Smith $50

In honor of Stanley and Katherine Wheatley $50

Gary and Carol Snyder $25

In honor of our grandchildren Ben, Mackenzie, Hunter and Morgann $100

In loving memory of Helly Gerhard from Christa Michael $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas by Mr. and Mrs. James O. Brady $200

Scott and Diane Wisnieski $50

In memory of Scott Starnes $25

Lani Luciano $100

In loving memory of our grandparents, Hattie and Harry Pund and Lelia and Erby Carlton $75

Rem Remsen II $25

The Lunch Bunch $30

In memory of Mary Catherine Sullivan $25

Mabel Dawson $50

Roosevelt and Juanita Walker $75

Anonymous $50

Hazel Tinkle $50

In memory of my Mom $20

In memory of James B. Carpenter $200

Roger and Judith Anderson $100

Daniel and Linda Severance $50

In memory of my parents and brother from Frances Knapp $100

In loving memory of Clara Rivers and Richie Regan $50

John and Renee Bryant $25

Anonymous $30

Hubert and Frances Anderson $100

In honor of our grandson Luke Everette Connor Love, Pap and GG $50

Randy and Karen Weigel $25

In memory of Bob Richards by His Family $50

Kazuko and Susan Bishop $30

In memory Freada, Torres, Bernie $100

Dorothy Carpenter $25

Joyce Rollins $10

Curtis Bussey $5

Geoffrey and Nancy Wells $200

Frederick Fidler $100

Carolyn Garner $100

In honor of Mary Sydney and Peyton Andrews $75

In memory of BB and Jack $100

Bob Hagen Insurance Agency, Inc. $250

Darryl Tom $100

 Total today $5,091

 Total this year $39,478.22

 * Reported previously in error:

From T.R. Reddy in honor of Libby Goodwin, my loyal assistant of 31 years, who is recovering from breast cancer and still actively working $500


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Previously acknowledged $30,162.22

In loving memory of John H. Bentley and Alexander Bentley $25

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crawford, Jr. $10Paul and Margaret Franks $50

Senator and Mrs. Jesse Stone $100

In memory of my brother Wayne Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willis $100

Willie and Suzanne Green $20

In memory of W.C. Myles to shine the light of Love $40

Mrs. A. Nonny Mouse $15

Lola Ryan $5

“In memory of my Mother and Daddy” $25

Roger Ford $50

Tedd and Nancy Antonacci $50

Gayle and Hugh Davidson $15

In loving memory of Jennifer Simless $100

Bobby and Kay Bryant $75

Rodney and Lois Wurst $10

In memory of Mrs. Cecil Walter Dempsey $25

Anna Bannister $25

Kathleen Stevens $100

In loving memory of my husband Lucius Forman Mack Jr. $25

In honor of our 11 Grandchildren from Jan and Paul $25

Douglas and Mary Fleiss $50

Jeffrey Hendry $40

Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Clayburn $25

Connor Ray Parrish $10

Todd and Rosemary Matthews $100

In memory of Dan Morgan $50

In memory of Owen Smitherman $100

Pa, Granny Holt, Loving memory Kayla Nicole Swearinger Holt $15

Big Man, Kacy, Kriston, Kellie, Shane and Pa Holt $15

Jerry Baine $25

Joan Triest $10

In loving memory of Pierce E. Marks III by Mr. and Mrs. Gardelle Lewis, Jr. $200

For my dear sister Doris and husband Ray from Josephine Tuero $25

Nancy Brown $100

Ingham’s Income Tax and Financial Services $20

Reynolds and Kathryn Jarvis $100

Dennis and Det Ellis $50

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Everett $20

Monique and Ralph Cauble $25

Maria and Benjamin Ortiz, Sr. $25

Robert and Susan Patrick $20

In memory of Harold Timmerman $50

Thomas Severynse $50

Charles Henry $25

In memory of John Pierce Blanchard, Sr $35

Kris and Susan Hardy $50

Charles Williamson III $150

Jane Webb $150

Margaret Albrecht $300

Barbara Skinner $100

In memory of J. Logan Kitchens $25

Wayne and Ashley Matthews $130

Monique Cordes $20

In memory of James T. Sanders and Elaine Faye Sanders Peppers $200

Eddie Norton $25

Brenda Creswell $50

James and Phoebe Crimmins $150

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg $100

Leo Barnes $50

Anne Barton $25

Michael and Kathy Dupree $100

Frederick and J.S. Klippert $100

Bernard Hendrix $25

Dan Boyd $25

Ronald and Barbara Lewis $100

James Siders $50

In memory of my Son Thomas $100

Robert and Patricia Williams $25

Total today $4,225

Total this year $34,387.22


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Previously acknowledged $27,001.22

 In memory of Harry Stuart White $25

James Allen $100

Donald and Joan Wanner Jr. $20

Peggy Derosa $10

Mary Holloway $10

Anonymous $100

Victor and Emma Vakoc $25

Bashful, Puff, Rusty and Pepper $100

Mildred Holmes $50

In memory of Mr. and Mrs Sims, Anna Lois Reed Sims, and Johnny Sims from The Gilmer’s $25

In memory of Ted Gilmer from Hazel Gilmer and Family $25

“Merry Christmas” From Alex and Joyce Fillingim $100

From the twins (Steve and Glenda) and Thomas Collingsworth $250

From the Uniparts USA LTD Family; Tim, Steve, Rick, Juliet, Andre, Paramjit, and Lester $250

Anonymous $1

Betty and Darrell Estep $25

Anonymous $30

Julia Crowley $25

Imre and Peggy Bajcsi $10

In memory of Mary Huie and Bert Gary $50

In loving memory of Nancy H. and Mike Farr from Peggy and Gene Floyd $50

Dennis and Carol Murphy $25

In memory of Jewell Barnes Menger, Charles V. Render, Cecil E. Harris and in honor of Lou Harris from Jan and Kurt Menger $100

Martha and Gene Tanner $100

In memory of Maxine Pharr and Emma Webber $20

Merry Christmas from the Warren Road Bridge Buddies Ann, Bly, Coleen, Ellen, Gayle, Georgia, Jackie, Lynn, Pam, Pat and Penny $110

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. McCrary III $100

In memory of Sharon Hutcheson $30

In memory of Pop $50

Ramon and Elba Almodovar $25

In honor of Cindy and Ricardo Azziz $200

Elizabeth Ashmore $25

In memory of “Goldie” $50

Women’s Health of Augusta PC $100

Dolores and Derve Tyler $25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Hiers $50

In memory of Mr. Lealand Zeigler $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Katie Ridenour $100

Dave and Robin Reuter $5

In honor of Jack and Hamp by “Bloomie” and Frank $50

In loving memory of Christa and Jerry Stevenson from their children $20

In memory of Elaine and Lavern Hays $200

Anonymous $20

Kim and Brett Hinner $50

Larry and Cristol Johnson $100

In loving memory of our OPA, From Brandon, Lauren, Ryan, Micheal and Courtney $25

Margaret Miles $100

Jerome and Carolyn Hardman $50

 Total today $3,161

Total this year $30,162.22


Monday, December 3, 2012

Previously acknowledged $24,474.22

 Anonymous $25

In memory of Pierce Marks, Jr. $50

Merry Christmas for Amy Jerome $52

Virginia Williamson $100

Miriam Atkins $250

George and Leanna Arndt $20

Joan and Michael Boos $50

David and Catherine Tondu $50

Robert Bishop $25

William Logan $250

In memory of Kristen Weber Glenn $100

In loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Sara Callahan $25

Evelyn Buchanan $50

Patrick Coleman $20

Kathy Jackson $20

Phyllis Thompson $100

In memory of my Husband Donald “Duck” Newsome $10

In memory of my dogs Boots, Baby, and Missy $15

Starling Funeral Home, Inc. $350

Jon Winters $75

“In loving memory of Robbie Gay” $100

In loving memory of Herman and Lula Mae Allen $100

Rufus and Gwendolyn Hixon $25

Martha Ostendorff $100

In memory of my husband Carl Bagley $50

C. J. P. Haulbrook $50

D.G. and P.R. Byrd $20

Kenneth and Dana Jenkins $100

Dianna Lively $25

Frances Tarte $100

Lacy and Ava Bartee, Sr. $50

In memory of Walter and Rubye Patrick $100

In loving memory of Robert L. Ware Jr. $20

In loving memory of George Holley $25

Dorothy and Luther Hall $25

 Total today $2,527

 Total this year $27,001.22


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Previously acknowledged $22,609.22

 David, Melissa, Madison, Megan, Denise, Jason, Riley, Skyler $160

Anonymous $30

John and Miriam Demyan $150

In memory of Ben and Irene Hulsey $100

Robert Kirkwood $500

Marcia and Bob Scaggs $25

Peggy and Carleton Duvall $200

In honor of Libby Goodwin, my loyal assistant of 31 years, who is recovering from breast cancer and still actively working $500 G. Lionel Zumbro Jr., MD $200

 Total today $1,865

 Total this year $24,474.22


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Previously acknowledged $21,387.90

 In memory of Lt. Col. and Mrs. T.J. Wheelin $25

Dorothy White $10

Merry Christmas! N A SC $30

Nylah and Brynsley $20

In memory of Katie and Pat Murphy $25

In memory of Southern RR Augusta Special #31 and #32 $31.32

In honor of Willisfords Furry Angels-Past and Presents $20

Gracie and Michael Joyce $25

Ruth and Andrew Forbes $100

Harold Moon $50

Edna McDaniel $25

Joyce Cosnahan $20

Ann Adams $20

Elizabeth Lavender $20

Joseph Whetstone $125

James and Judith White $25

Donald and Janet Reynolds, Sr. $100

Thomas Smothers $30

Arnold and Marquin Barrett $100

In honor of our grandchildren Evan, Erin, Bentley, Emily, Kacie, Allison and Matthew from Dr. & Mrs. David Owings $35

In the name of our grandchildren Billy, Lily, Brenton and Ellie $150

Don and Jane Winchester $50

Ron and Carolyn Snider $30

Merry Christmas – Dot and Ed Velky $25

Ralph and Victoria Dubois $30

In memory of Pierce Marks $100

 Total today $1,221.32

 Total this year $22,609.22


Friday, November 30, 2012

Previously acknowledged $18,507.90

 In honor of our grandchildren Elizabeth, Sam, Al and Josh Gaston from Julia and Bobby Gaston $30

In memory of Richard J. Foreman Sr. and Betty B. Patterson from Gail Foreman and Pat Patterson $50

The Defunct Wednesday Bridge Club $10

Jim and Jackie Cushman $10

William Yarborough, Jr. $50

Edward and Cheryl Servy $50

Karnig and Mary Kurkjian $100

David and Laverne $50

Stanley and Margaret Schrader $50

William and Brenda Readdy $10

Elsie and Henrietta Wingfield $25

Joan and Ed Groover $100

In loving memory of Jim and Edna Bowen and Grant and Pat Kinner and in loving honor of Robert Kinner II for serving the great US of A! Go Navy!! From Bob and Cathy Kinner $20

Alman and William Campbell, Jr. $15

Barbara McCutcheon $50

James Griffin $25

In memory of Miley Gaddy $25

Robert and Donna Hardwick $25

Matt, Aaron, Lindsay, Loren $20

Barbara Craker $25

Arthur and Grace Humphries $100

Willie Embry $20

Elizabeth Blanchard $100

For our blessings, and in memory of Hazel Patton love, Larry Kay, and Brant $50

Chip and Paula Matson $75

Robert and Dawn Paris $25

In memory of Emory Bargeron $100

Irvin and Lore Ingraham $30

J.C. and Ellen Douglas $25

Jacquelyn and Joe Wilder $10

To honor Grandaughter Ellie $25

Margaret Devore $100

In memory of Charlie Godbee, Howard and Mozelle Hardy, from Gary and Brenda Hardy $300

Given in honor of Christmases Past that are Treasures Now $100

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

Marcia Ribble $20

In honor of Alison, Reed, Ian and Tate Presby $50

Pamela Johnson $10

Anne Cato $50

Marjorie Bower $25

Norman and Ruth Evancic $100

In memory of Lucille Bush $50

In memory of John T Anderson Jr. by the Perry’s $100

William and Judith Pitts $50

Dr. and Mrs. Louie Griffin, Jr. $250

In memory of my wonderful husband Ron Lotz! $100

Bill Beazley Homes, Inc. $100

Joseph Knight, Jr. $50

Bill Wagner $25

Barbara and John Patrick $50

“The Bear” $25

 Total today $2,880

Total this year $21,387.90


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Previously acknowledged $16,537.90

Donald and Donna Hallman $50

Elizabeth Pond $100

Perry and Leona Marvin $50

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester $50

Suzanne Pritchett $25

Joan and William Pullum $25

W.R and P.O. Backus $25

In memory of Mr. Allen F. Moore $25

Dr. and Mrs. Charles McGahee $100

In memory of Grandson Kevin Brown and Daughter-in-Law Rebecca Brown $25

From Mr. and Mrs. James A. Blissit in memory of Barbara C. Blissit $100

In memory of Mildred Hefferman $100

Edgefield Dental Clinic $100

In memory of Mr. L.W. and Dot Pruitt by Linda Pruitt Carstarphen $50

John Mahaffey, Sr. $50

Mary Lee $100

Joseph Jackson $5

Richard and Denise Cadle $25

In honor of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from James E and Carolyn J Parker $100

On behalf of Manav Mohanty our grandson, who is 4 years old. Let there be peace on earth $25

Jack Tudor $25

Mike and Julie Newman $30

David and Jacquelyn Hogan $100

Janet Newman $25

In memory of John S. Tyson III and Elliott Horton $50

Ronald Owens $50

Robert and Helen Baisden $100

Mary Kelly Cox $20

Gordon and Carole Meek $100

In memory of Lonnie and Evelyn Mallard $50

“LB and me” $50

In memory of our Sons Andrew L.J. Layman and Edward J. Layman III $25

Robert and Cheryl Smith $15

In loving memory of our Son Jose Albino $25

Roy and Barbara Keller $100

Anna and Ronald Osborne $50

John and Janice McDonald $25

 Total today $1,970

 Total this year $18,507.90


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Previously acknowledged $8,092.90

Fred and Margaret Williams $100

In memory of John M. Weigle $50

Carroll Ellis $15

Clifford and Sherrie Kirkland $50

Guy and Joan Daniels $100

“Honoring Cal and Hayes” $100

Leon Alexander Jr. $50

Kathryn Seyberth $25

Anonymous $20

Russell and Carolyn Quarles $10

Richard and Margaret Haines $50

Anonymous $15

Michael and Teresa Ekre $25

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert $25

Anonymous $25

Hal Herrington Jr. $10

In memory of Truffle $100

The Knox Foundation $5,000

Michael Lubinsky $25

In memory of Michael Hall $25

Helen Marine $25

Linda Feffer $50

Seth Benson $100

Marita and Dennis Moberg $200

H & D $15

In loving memory of Laura and Colbie Reeves. From Al, Stephanie, Rodney and Cayden Reeves $100

Merry Christmas and God Bless from O.P.M. Property Investments Inc. $100

Mary Pileggi $20

In memory of our parents Geech and Yank Felton and Thelma and Johnnie Whitaker Love, Jim and Nancy Felton $100

Raymond and Marian Lundquist $10

Lloyd and Carol Lewis $50

In loving memory of my grandson Ryan Howell $100

Anonymous $20

Janet Kirkey $25

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nesbit $100

In memory of our Parents $50

Neal and Patricia Clay $50

Elizabeth Frank $25

In memory of my dad, William A. Garrett $20

Anonymous $25

In honor of our grandchildren Landon, Tanner and Makayla Dykes $50

In memory of Neill Commins $25

Paula and William Huntley $25

Thomas Williams $50

Griggs and Jan Wheeler $15

Merry Christmas from Frank and Nancy Rollins $100

Marquerite Fogleman $20

In memory of Marjorie L. Winters $50

Rita Loesch $20

Bennett and Mary Powell $25

Jim and Georgia Hedgis $25

Richard Plummer $50

In memory of my husband, Dewell Rushing $50

Lida Rich $20

Bob and Cindy Beattie $100

In loving memory of J. Robert Scott $50

In memory of Richard Sconyers $100

From Ethan and Lily God Bless All, Merry Christmas $25

In memory of George and Martha Shiveler $20

Edith Staalman $20

Carl and Becky Coulson $200

Hampton, Marc, Daniel, Madison, Lucas, John Patten and Ash $50

Megan, Brittany, Carlee, Mobley and Layton $50

Eulala Weddle $25

Eleanor Hanson $50

Dorothy Akin Jens $25

Robert LaFrance $200

Total today $8,445

Total this year $16,537.90

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