Rants and Raves

A RAVE FOR all our local businesses who recognized and treated our veterans so nice. Thank you all.



THANK YOU to the gentleman who brought me a hot chocolate while I was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Kroger Tuesday morning. What a kind heart! Thank you for donating and Merry Christmas!


RAVES FOR Special Agent Reginald Perry, with the Alcohol and Tobacco Division of Law enforcement. About two weeks ago my grandson and I had a flat tire on Golden Camp Road. While I was waiting for my husband to assist us, one Richmond County deputy passed by and told me to get the car off the road but did not stop. But Special Agent Perry came by and stayed the whole time and changed the tire for me. He is an asset to law enforcement. May God continue to bless him.


I WANT TO THANK all the people who stopped on Central Avenue to help get my little dog back in. It looked like an Easter egg hunt there were so many people who stopped to help. I just want to thank everybody. I appreciate it.


THE PAVING JOB on Baker Avenue is splendid. I can’t say enough good things for the crew that did the work.


A RAVE TO MCG ER. I came in as the result of an injury, and received compassionate, skilled, and professional care from the doctors and the nurse on duty. Thank you.


THIS IS A RAVE about Ruth at Pearle Vision in the Exchange Shopping Center. She was fantastic. As an almost-50-year-old man who has never worn glasses, she made my purchase simple and the experience very pleasant. She is a true example of customer service.


IT’S NICE for those who can offer to donate an organ. Be sure to also consider being a bone marrow donor. That does not take any organs but some bone marrow that most of the time can just be taken like a blood donation through a machine. Join the upcoming “be a bone marrow donor” drive!


RAVE TO JEROME at Szechuan Garden on Walton Way. He is a great waiter with a wonderful attitude.


RAVES TO OUR wonderful President Obama and his family. May God bless him as he leads this nation. I hope it will be in peace and better economic prosperity. It is wonderful to be born and live in America.