Rants & Raves

RAVES TO THE Chron­i­cle! Your editorial recommendations made the losers the winners!



MY STOVE IS BROKE and I don’t have any heat and everybody in the world is calling wanting something for something. Now, who do I call?


MR. PRESIDENT, I know that there is no advantage to you now that the election is over, but it would mean a lot to those who are still hurting real bad in the region hit by Sandy if you could visit again to console them. Oh, I forgot that you have to run off now to some foreign country which needs you more!


REPUBLICANS AND Demo­crats have cooperated over decades, cooperated in destroying our freedom, stealing our money, throwing us to the wolves. Both parties are controlled by bums who will do anything as long as they can find a personal payoff of either money or ego.


NOW THAT OBAMA has been re-elected, either Iran will have a nuclear bomb or Israel will have to destroy it themselves.


ACTUALLY, I THINK more people voted to save Big Bird than they did to keep the current regime in office.


WHAT CAN I DO? My smartphone is smarter than I am?


YEARLY CITY TAXES: $275. Yearly county taxes: $450. Monthly water, trash & sewage: $85. Living in a city/county that actually works: Priceless. Thanks, North Augusta/Aiken.


RANT TO THE CURRENT panel of the Columbia County Board of Equalization. They are totally incompetent or were handpicked to assist the assessor’s office in artificially inflating some property values as much as 10 to 15 percent even though property values have decreased the past three years.


I LIVE IN SOUTH Augusta. We have Section 8 houses in the neighborhood where I live, which is McDuffie Woods. There is trash in the street, windows broken, the neighborhood is going down. We do not need Cherry Tree Crossing in south Augusta.


IS THERE A LAW in Columbia County that they can’t have any Democrats running? We only have Republicans. Does this seem right?


THREE CHEERS for Depu­ty Kenneth Mercer. I am so glad he is out there protecting me.