Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RANT against Augusta Animal Services! The stray dog population in the Harrisburg area is huge! I saw no less than five dogs this morning on/around the Eve Street exit and on the Calhoun Expressway! Please expand your hours.



TO THE PERSON ranting about Richmond County Board of Education auctions: Do you really think they are going to sell something that works? I think not. Now you have to spend more than you paid for it to get it in working order. Lesson learned. Now get off the computer and go try to find a job.


IF AMERICA NEEDS a strong middle class, why has Obama been waging war against the middle class his entire political life?


TO THE LADY who talked and texted to the married man: Sorry, darling, he lost interest in you because you are so boring.


I’D LIKE TO KNOW how the Columbia County tax office has the nerve to charge me, an 85-year-old woman, $261 in school taxes? I’m speechless.


IT IS GETTING to the point where you can’t even get your aches and pains taken care of here. This health business is for the birds.


YES, WE READERS would like for the editors to not publish their slanted and often illogical Republican viewpoints on the editorial page!


A RANT FOR Richmond County bus transportation and schools. My 6-year-old is being bullied on the bus and in school because of a troubled child who is bullying other children … and is not seeing any major consequences. He has thrown my son’s school supplies off the bus, yanked him around by his jacket, called him names and picked on his appearance. My child is very tiny and quiet for his age and has done nothing to deserve this. If this had been Glynn County, which we are from, those parents would have been ordered to seek professional help to see that the troubled child gets the resources he/she needs to perform adequately in school.


RANT TO THE Rich­mond school trustees. Why does the Richmond County board allow Su­per­intendent Roberson to live in South Carolina? If a superintendent can live out of state, why can’t students attend school out of zone? Vote the Richmond County school board out in November.


THE ONLY CITIZENS who should be allowed to vote are ones who pay taxes. All others are parasites.