Rants & Raves

POLYGAMY IS THE root problem of Muslims. There are too many men who are deprived of a wife and family; a recipe for violence, and too many children share one father to be raised properly. Osama bin Laden had 53 brothers and sisters.


A RANT AGAINST WJBF, our ABC affiliate, for not airing Ka­tie Couric’s new show. What is wrong with you people?

KUDOS TO CHRIS GAY for his article. I don’t live in Augusta, but I had a grandchild who graduated from MCG, and that is what they want on their certificate.

CHICK-FIL-A, PLEASE hurry and open your business on Highway 25.

FOR THOSE SO-CALLED upscale neighborhoods in Evans: First, you denied a veteran a place to build to have a home while he recuperated and tried to get his strength and dignity back. Now you’re complaining about a pink doll house. People in Bev­er­ly Hills have polka-dot­ted doll houses, brick doll ­houses, cardboard doll houses. Come on now, let’s get real. Evans, you’re not all that.

A RANT FOR ALL THE people who don’t care about us who live in the projects. I live in Dogwood Terrace and I find it deplorable that we have to live with water that smells like sulfur. When we wash our clothes, it smells like sulfur. God forbid we drink the water, and some of us are because we don’t know. And we’re giving it to our kids. It doesn’t matter who I call. We are stuck here, but it doesn’t matter because we don’t count.

RAVES TO ALMA, the director of Harlem Senior Center. She is a very nice, wonderful and kind person. She serves us seniors very well. May God bless her.

RANT FOR THE PERSON who stole the little old lady’s purse while she was visiting in the graveyard on Meadowbrook Drive and who ran away like a coward. I hope you sleep well at night.

I HOPE THAT THOSE of you who are irritated by the hassle of renewing your driver’s license after years of driving in the state of Georgia realize that this is a precursor to suppressing the vote by making it more difficult to obtain the needed photo ID.

THE LITTLE GIRL LOVES pink. So do I. I don’t see why that little playhouse is going to make a difference in any neighborhood. I think it is snobbery.