Rants & Raves



OUR PRISONS ARE packed with nonviolent offenders who should not be there. We’re paying thousands to keep prisons open and to pay guards when those nonviolent people could pay a fine and get back to their jobs and paying taxes instead of using up ours. Change the laws.Murderers go to prison, nonviolent offenders don’t.


TAKE A LOOK ON the street at all of the steel and aluminum not going to recycling because of that stupid new law. What happened to “Save the Earth … Recycle”? You couldn’t control a few copper thieves so you ruined it for all honest scrappers and the Earth.


KEEP THE PRESSURE on the Board of Regents and Administration at GRU to change this horrible name.


WHAT A PRECIOUS picture on the front page on Aug. 18! Sara Caldwell caught pure love and pride with Ashleigh’s expression as she looks at her husband, Army Spc. Jared Bland. It should be “picture of the year.”


WHERE DOES ONE GO to start a class-action suit against Emperor Azziz and the Board of Rejects – oops, sorry – Board of Regents?


ANOTHER GHSU board member resigns because he was unhappy with the new name and the process behind it. Instead of working to make the best of a bad/sad situation, just take your ball and bat and go home. It really sets a bad example, in my opinion. Board members are selected on the many attributes they bring to the table. Being a quitter is not one of them.


AUGUSTA UNIVERSITY of Science and Medicine would be an all-inclusive description of the school’s mission and incorporate our hometown “Augusta.” It also has the added feature of spelling (well, text-message style) the word awesome, “AUSM.”


THE SHERIFF’S RACE was a problem from the very beginning. The voting public having to select a party to vote, every jackleg jumping in the race without a prayer of winning, Sheriff Strength not standing up for his obvious pick, and now we are faced with the possibility of having a sheriff who has a shady past. I’m looking for a place to move. I’m fed up!


FROM THE OUTSIDE looking in, it looks easy. Just call off the college merger and keep the old names. Azziz will go quietly and promptly by himself.