Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



I’M AT THE BELL Auditorium for Dancing Stars Augusta. I’m FREEZING!!


HUGE RAVE TO Bill Kirby for his entertaining columns, particularly the one on summer traveling. He took me every mile of the way!


RAVES TO THE Augusta Cares hotline. What a great resource.


WISCONSIN GOV. SCOTT Walker remains in office after being only the third governor in American history subjected to the humiliation of a recall; his divisive agenda has been stopped cold.


IT IS OBVIOUS THAT even Bill Clinton knows Obama is in way over his head and is hurting this country. Wake up everyone, especially you Democrats.


BIG RAVE TO Gold Cross. Your great article about their new heart devices have been the talk of my prayer group. We are so thankful to see this type of technology brought to our area.


TO THE PERSON WHO ranted about the banners downtown for Gay Pride: It is not a choice to be gay. Why would anyone want to have a life where they are hated and judged day in and day out?


OIL PRICES HAVE fallen; gas prices have fallen. So why are we still paying between $4 and $5 for a quart of oil at the automotive retailers? Come on!


THE CIA WAS SET UP to do secret stuff, yet we see headlines reading, “CIA steps up strikes in Pakistan.” When did headlines become “secret?”