Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I BELIEVE THAT the name of our two combined colleges should be Augusta University.


THERE ARE TWO things that I have never seen work. They are economic stimulus packages and sanctions against a country that is ruled by a dictatorship. Cuba is a good example. We kept the people poor as a snake, but the dictator still lived a luxurious life.


RAVES FOR THE oncology staff of University Hospital. We recently spent three weeks there, and not only did my husband receive wonderful medical care but we also received all of the individual attention and more than we could ever believe possible. Thanks to everyone.


THERE WAS A lady on Channel 12 from Aiken County who made the comment that breakfast was the most important meal her child has. Then she was fussing at the schools for not giving her child the meal on half-days. When I was a child, my mother got up and fixed my breakfast. Why is she any different?


I WANT TO ECHO some of the concerns about the black church’s love affair with Obama even though he has endorsed gay marriage. I would ask that our ministers stick to the word of God as they are supposed to. And I would ask that people vote their conscience.


THE ONLY THING I can see that is tearing the nation down are Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.


ALL THESE PARKS and museums let only active-duty military in free. The only reason they are active duty is because of the people who fought before. My husband spent eight years in Vietnam. You should never discriminate by saying active duty only. Please reconsider. Retired military deserves to get in free, too.


IF YOU DISAGREE with the homosexual agenda or any other agenda that is going on, then take a stand against any company that is for it. Everyone’s stand counts.


IF THE IDEA BEHIND the 2001 Bush tax cuts was to give the wealthy more money to create jobs, where then are the jobs? They have had 11 years. How long do they need?


HOW CAN ENGINEERS say Highway 56 is dangerous? … It’s the people using it who are dangerous. As cars have become more technically advanced, drivers have become less intelligent with very little judgment. Try riding a motorcycle every day if you want to see dangerous, stupid drivers and we are registered, licensed and insured vehicles, unlike bicycle riders.